How To Shop for Mobile Home Models

Your ideal home: a place where you can find rest and sanctuary after a hard day's work; where your family could all come together and bake cakes and pastry, have outdoor barbeques during holidays, and some good old family dinner time watching TV with Starhub. Now who says you have to have an oversized house to do all of these things?

As more and more people are becoming conscious of saving money, owning mobile homes are becoming a very popular alternative to the more traditional brick-and-mortar homes (which can be almost a torment to buy). If you're looking to know more about mobile homes and to find out where you could shop for them, then read on:

Mobile homes are created in factories, then transported to a designated site. They are usually categorized by size: single-wides or single units (measuring 18 by 90 feet, or less) and double-wides, or two units (20 by 90 feet). The prevalence of mobile home parks (sites where mobile homes can be situated; around 35,000 in the United States), along with the low land taxes and very affordable mobile home units, make this living option definitely a viable one. So if you have a small family and you're interested in living a very simple life with minimum expenses and money problems, then why not invest in a mobile home?

Before you buy, do invest time to comparison shop: this just means to shop for the best deals on mobile homes available today. The easiest way to go about shop comparing would be by browsing through online sites that offer mobile home models. Some examples of these sites include and

At, you'll be able to find a huge variety of mobile home offerings in different states, as well as in Canada. The model mobile homes, aside from being very practical, have aesthetically pleasing interiors as well. Look up its model photos and browse through different models such as the Sedona model, Redondo model and Socorro model. Interested to shop cheapest mobile homes? Look up its overstock sale pages, for the best deal mobile homes you could find. is especially helpful since it contains comprehensive descriptions on its mobile home models, including its floor plan and square footage, details on the inclusive amenities (furniture and appliances, Internet access, decor, etc), exterior descriptions and lot rental fee. Most of the prices here are very affordable, with an average selling price of about $65,000.

If you're interested in finding information on what to look out for when buying mobile homes and how to shop for deals, make sure that you check out It has lots of articles such as how to prepare your mobile home site, how to do mobile home repairs and upgrades, and also how to finance your home. If you're looking to sell and trade your home in the future, there are also articles about that in the website.

Maybe you're interested in looking for used mobile homes to find the best value for your money. Websites you could check out include; you could also use this as an avenue if you want to sell your current mobile home.

With many mobile home offerings online, make sure that you make contact with the sales agent via phone. Apart from the home size, features, etc, make sure that you check its condition (specially if it's used); its safety features in case disasters and other accidents happen (such as tornadoes, which could definitely be disastrous to a mobile home if safety precautions aren't undertaken) and wiring and plumbing conditions. Check out for more guides when buying mobile homes. Make sure that you gain enough information about the home before you commit to shop pay.

There you have it! These are just some pointers to follow and some sites to visit if you want to shop for mobile home models. Remember, in building a home, it's not the structure that matters but the people who live in it. So no matter which home option you have chosen, remember to make it a home, and not just a place to live in! Good luck!


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