How To Teach Car Driving Basics to a New Driver

If you were to teach a new driver the basics of driving but is not confident enough of how to do it, let the following the steps guide you out.

  1. Start with the car's papers. Before teaching the actual driving, you should first introduce the new driver to the car insurance as well as registration, and on where these documents have to be placed for safekeeping. Take this chance as well to familiarize the new driver on the important parts of the documents like the registration's date of expiration.
  2. Teach the new driver how to check the car's important functions. Now you have to teach him how to check the important functions of a car, the headlights, the windshield wipers, including the mirrors and seat belts. Remember, a driver should not just know how to drive. He should also know how to attend to the basic needs of the car so he'll know what to do in case of an emergency.
  3. Teach him the actual driving in an empty parking area. After reviewing the car functions, look for an empty parking area and there, start teaching the actual driving to the new driver. Before this, allow the student to adjust his seat first. Put in mind that driver's comfort is of top importance.
  4. Let the new driver feel the car's movement. While the gear is in park, let the new driver shift it to drive. But before this, instruct the student to hold the brake to make sure that the car stays still. Tell the new driver the effects of shifting the gear to drive mode, as well as the importance of stepping on the brake before shifting it to drive. Once done, instruct him to slowly and carefully release the brake. This will make the new driver feel the motion of the car, the one you have just explained. In other words, this will bridge the gap between theoretical and the practical sides of driving. Be sure to make him do the same on the reverse.
  5. Try to accelerate. Repeat the previous process, but this time, let the student accelerate. Then teach him to stop gently. Do this repeatedly until the student becomes comfortable with the speed.
  6. Focus in controlling the car. The next step is to teach the student to control the car. Drive around the parking area and do the turns as often as possible. Do this until every turn has become smooth and almost effortless. While doing this, be sure to check the speed and give advice if necessary.
  7. Ask the new driver if he can drive home. Ask the student if he is confident in driving outside the parking or open lot and is ready to go out in the street. If he is, then let him drive home. If not, be in charge.

It is important that you keep your temper under control whenever you are teaching a new driver. Fear from the teacher as well as the nervousness that comes out of it will never redound anything helpful for the new driver. It would just hound his confidence, which is a wall from learning the basics of driving.


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