How To Test Drive a Used Car

If your budget is far-out from buying a brand new vehicle, why not consider a second-hand automobile as an alternative. There are numerous retailers, shops, or even private sellers that offer a good rate for used cars.

 Once you contact an agent or a private seller, remember that first and foremost, you are the client. Don’t be pushed around by sales talk alone. If you have decided to test drive the vehicle on that day, drive it first prior to making a diagnosis or haggling for a discount. If during the test drive and you are uncomfortable, abandon ship immediately. You don’t need to discuss with the seller what you felt during the test. Bear in mind that you are the client.

The most excellent location in testing used cars’ performance is along the main road possibly with on-ramps to test the vehicle’s acceleration. Consult the seller or the agent if you can possibly test drive in the main road and if he agrees, it is a good indication. Take down some notes so you can review or remember what you have observed during that day. Try driving on mixed routes and see how trouble-free to view the traffic signals or other warning signs.

As much as possible, don’t tag your family along most especially the kids. They will just cause commotion and your concentration will be diverted to them instead. Bring a friend whom can give a good recommendation or someone who is expert in buying a second hand vehicle. If you are not alone in decision-making, bring your partner with you so he can also make assessments.

While the car is parked, walk around the car and look for some chips or scratches on the vehicle. When you spot on something, make a note of it. Check also if the tires are well maintained, windshields still intact, door locks in good condition, and side mirrors unbroken.  Look at the compartment and sense if the space is enough for you and your lifestyle. Don’t be frightened to smell the vehicle and spot also for some marks or blots in the interiors.

All basic controls should be working pretty well when driving or at rest. Pay attention if everything is okay. From the lock controls, to radio buttons, the stirring wheel, pedals, gearshifts, aircon and heater, mirror controls, among others.  Sense if you can seat comfortably in the driver’s seat or even in the passenger’s seat. Be aware if the car starts easily or after how many tries. Always remember to test the brakes, the alignment, radio speakers, and even the signal joysticks. Try to park as well and see how effortless can you do it.

If you are really attracted or fascinated with the vehicle, inquire from the owner when you can bring the car to the mechanic. If the seller is having second thoughts about your request, it only means that there are possible problems that can be seen in the car. But if the seller agrees, take note that you are also opening a lot of troubles. Make sure that when you bring the car to the mechanic, ask questions that are in your mind.


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