How To Touch Up Spots on a Car

It is an uncomfortable feeling if you have a nice looking car with a lot of rust on it. You have a few rust spots and some minor scratches at the back bumpers and you just find it difficult to find someone who could fix it right away.

What are your options? Well, first of all, you need to see what supplies your local auto supply house and dealer have to fix it up. You do not want to spend a lot of money for the repair so you need to look at the basic supplies needed to fix the dent or do some touch up spots on your minor paint blemishes.

A rust brush for the fiberglass is small and contains some fiberglass wires at the end which can help remove the rust. This primer tube looks just like a lip gloss with a small brush which is on the cap. After you have scraped off the paint that has been chipped off, you need to apply the rust neutralizer on the metal by using a brush that you bought from the auto dealer.

One of the reasons why you get the rust is when the paint gets scratched through the primer coat. This happens because of the small stones on the road or a slight car accident. In whatever circumstance, the metal beneath becomes exposed to the moisture and air which causes the metal to oxidize. This results in unnecessary rust spots on your car surface. It is important that you touch it up as soon as you can so that it does not get any bigger.

You need to get the paint that is almost the same as the color of your car. The clear coat, the brush and the primer can all be bought at auto parts store. You can now work at your garage. Your fiberglass brush will be handy in rubbing the area with the rust. Remove the rust until you just see the metal. You then need to make sure that you just use enoug primer to coat the metal. After your primer is dry, you are now ready to apply the paint.

Open the paint and put a little on the brush. Just put enough on the areas with the primer. You then need to cover the primer with a layer of the paint. After that, you need to let it dry. Then, you just have to sand and polish it all smoothly. After that, you can apply some glazing putty and a spray to finish the top coat. That is why it is better to do this touching up when the weather is good and there is a hot sun outside.  You also need to make sure that the paint is applied evenly so that you do not need to touch up again when you do not like the job that you’ve done.


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