How To Up Your Game as a Car Salesperson: 3 Must-Know Sales Tactics

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The average car salesman makes around $66,000 per year

Does this number seem high compared to your paystubs? That might be because most of your salary as a salesman is based on commission. If you aren't closing sales, you aren't making money. 

But what are the best sales tips for a car salesman? Keep reading to discover three of the most popular sales tactics. 

1. Wait Out the Clock

One of the best sales tips for a car salesman is to keep your buyer waiting. 

This doesn't mean you put your buyer in a room by themselves and don't speak to them for hours. Instead, use other people within the dealership to help keep them busy. Have them talk to your sales manager, then discuss their payment options with the financing department, then they may need to discuss specifics with your general manager. 

The idea is that the longer the process takes, the more impatient and agreeable the buyer becomes. 

There is a sweet spot for this tactic. You want to make sure the process takes a while, but generally, you want someone to be able to drive home with their new car by the end of the business day. 

2. Stress the Need to Buy Today

When it comes to top tips on selling cars for a sale, you need to stress the importance of closing the sale that same day. 

One way you can do this is by showing the demand for the specific car your buyer is looking at. Did another person come by yesterday to test drive the car? Did you get a call earlier from an interested buyer? Let your customer know that the vehicle is in demand and they should close today. 

You can also offer them a special price that is only good for the same day. If they don't buy the car today, they'll lose a good deal. 

3. The Ben Franklin Close

To ensure the most closes for car sales, many dealers tend to stick with the Ben Franklin close, also called the balance sheet close. 

For this tactic, you take a blank sheet of paper and draw a line down the center. You dedicate one side to writing down all the pros of buying this vehicle and the other side for all the cons. Your goal is to have the pros outweigh the cons, so the buyer will see the purchase as the right choice. 

You can start by listing all the benefits of the specific car model followed by any benefits your dealership offers. From there, take what you learned from talking with the client to develop personalized pros. For example, if they're expecting a child, a big pro could be that the vehicle has enough room for a growing family. 

Which Sales Tactics Will You Use to Close the Sale?

When it comes to the best tips for new car salesman, having a clear plan is crucial. These are just a few of the most popular sales tactics you can try to close your next sale. 

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