How To Use a Junk Yard

Junk yards can save a person lots of money when they need certain parts for their vehicle. When a person needs to replace a defective part on their vehicle they can either go to the auto dealership to purchases a new part or they can go to a junk yard and get the same part that the dealer would sell them, the only difference is that the part will be used and will come from another vehicle at the junk yard. The prices you pay at the junk yard will be next to nothing when compared to the expensive prices you will pay from the dealer. Here's how to find the best auto parts at a junk yard.

  1. When you first go to a junk yard you will have to make sure that you take your tool set because you just might have to take the part you need off of one of the junk cars yourself. Some junk yards have someone who will do it for you but if you do it yourself it will usually be a little cheaper. Nowadays, many junk yards remove the parts from the vehicles themselves and keep an inventory database of what they have available so you will just go in and ask if they have what you need and if they do, you simply make the purchase.
  2. Though you can save a bundle of money by purchasing used auto parts from a junk yard, common sense has to come into play sometimes. There are some parts that are not good to buy used from a junk yard such as a water pump; you would never know what you are getting. Parts that are very labor intensive to replace are not a good idea to get from the junk yard. Can you imagine going through all that work only to find that the water pump is defective? Anything to do with your brake system is also a definite no, you are dealing with a real safety issue here and should get these parts new.
  3. A small example of great parts that you can get from a junk yard are windshields, windows, doors, headlights, seats, mirrors, door handles, or any other part that needs replacement. Parts such as radiators, starters, alternators and clutches can be bought from a junk yard if you are really low on cash. Of course these parts would be better bought new but when you're on a budget it is fine purchasing these kinds of parts. At some junk yards you can get a good deal on engines and transmissions. The junk yard will rebuild these two major auto parts and resell them.

If possible, always take with you to the junk yard the part that you are replacing so that you can match it up with the part that you are going to purchase. You will want to make sure that you buy the right part because junk yards rarely, if ever give you a refund, though they will allow exchanges.


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