How To Use an Exhaust Pipe Bender

A -pipe bender is equipment used for bending old, exhaust, or new pipes. It is a widely used product because of its usefulness for doing other things aside from pipe bending. Because of this, you can save an incredible amount of money. If you want to know how to use an exhaust pipe bender, consult the following tips.

Know the correct angle before bending the pipe. You can make a guess but use a protractor if you have one in the house. Get the old pipe and measure to know the perfect bending angle for it.

Put the protractor on the center of the pipe and get the degree you measured. This technique is recommended for first time users because professionals usually don't do this anymore because of their experience.

Place the old pipe into the pipe bender. Center the pipe in the bender. It is a 180 degree angle on your protractor. It is where the start of the bending will happen.

Lay down the bender with the pipe on the floor for support. Gently pull the pipe upwards while consulting the protractor if you reach the bending angle.

After you achieve proper bend, take away the old pipe from the bender. You can know use the bended pipe wherever you like.

Aside from bending pipes, a pipe bender can be used for building bike frames and other things. It is really a useful tool. Here are the other uses of a pipe bender:

It can be used to build a customized bike frame. There are many bike riders that know all of the parts of their bike. Among the parts, the bike frame is the most vital part of the bike. With the pipe bender you are free to build your own bike frame.

Pipe benders can be used to fix a car. There are some parts of your car that needs replacing such as old pipes or exhaust pipes. People go to car repair just to replace those parts which you can do yourself. With the use of the pipe bender, you can save that money that you will be spending on car repairs. You need a lot of concentration and utmost caution when doing this by yourself. Because the pipes of a car must be precise, any mistake that you make will make you consult a car repair shop.

Just like bikes, pipe benders can be used in go karts. It is similar as doing a bike frame for bikes. Go karts is much easier to fix than cars because their restrictions are not that similar to cars. Your pipe bender is usable here if you want to make a strong and durable go kart.

Pipe benders can be used in constructions and piping projects aside from home use. It is also used in industrial and transportation projects that required pipe bending. Examples of which are oil lines and any long distance projects.

Because mechanical benders cost $20, it is good to at least know how to bend your pipes yourself. This will also improve your pipe bending skills.


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