How To Use Tire Changer Equipment for Motorcycles

Changing tire of motorcycle

Many motorcycle owners choose to do their own repairs and maintenance work to save costs. If you choose to do your own repairs, you need to know how to properly disassemble and reassemble motorcycle parts, and have the basic skills in changing, mounting and balancing motorcycle tires. You also need the right equipment and tools to do the job.

To change motorcycle tires, you need tire changer equipment, tire levers, a bead breaker, a wheel balancer stand, and an air compressor or 2-stage hand pump. There are several brands and types of tire changers for motorcycles. The unit’s assembly and use will depend on the model you choose.

To know how to use a tire changer, refer to the following:

Cycle Hill’s Manual Tire Changer

Assemble the tire changer kit by:

  1. Attach the bead breaker base to a wooden block using screws provided.
  2. Bolt the bead breaker’s fulcrum point to the frame.
  3. Bolt the three arms to the machine stand’s base plate.
  4. Attach the sticker to one of the arms, to serve as a guide in positioning and adjusting the clamping blocks, depending on the 7 to 21 diameter of the tire rims.
  5. To secure your tire changer:

  • Bolt the base frame to your garage floor using the provided anchors and lag bolts, or
  • Attach the base frame as a trailer or truck bumper hitch attachment.

Review and follow the training guide to change a tire at this link.

No-Mar Tire Changer

The No-Mar brand takes pride in the design of their bead bar and clamping system that do not mar any type of wheel rim. The Ultimate II package is recommended for individual use since it has the classic tire changer unit, and a complete set of all the equipment needed in tire changing including an instructional CD-ROM.

You can install the tire changer unit by:

  1. Bolt the machine stand securely to a concrete floor or plywood floor. If bolted to a plywood sub floor, add a layer of 3/4" plywood for more solid flooring. To store the unit, remove the lag bolts and leave the anchors attached.
  2. Attach the unit to a trailer deck, or hitch mount following the instructions provided.

You can find in the company site online demo videos showing the operation and use of the equipment. You can study and follow the steps and procedures in dismounting, mounting, and balancing tires and other situations you may encounter in tire changing.

Wikco Motorcycle Tire Changer

There are two models of Wikco Motorcycle Manual Tire Changers, the MC110.100 and MC110.200 that both offer protection against wheel rim scratches. The Wikco tire changers can be used for street bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, and even sport bikes.

The Wikco tire changer model's vise clamps are high enough to clamp a wheel without removing the belt drive pulley, brake disks, or sprocket. The units have nylon clamp pads that are heavy duty and protect the wheel rim from any damage. It is easy to center the wheel in place with clamps that easily slide into position and a third clamp that adjusts to hold the wheel in place. To avoid direct contact with the metals of the rim and the changing tool, the units have a special mount demount bar with nylon ends that are replaceable.

For detailed descriptions for both models, you can go to the Wikco website.

Choose the model that best fits your motorcycle tires and budget.


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