How To Wash Your Mustang

The passion to restore that old heap of a Mustang into a hell of a ride can be irresistible. Thanks to a growing market catering to pony lovers, it is now possible to fully restore that piece of junk you bought from the used car garage into something that will invariably be the envy of your fellow old car enthusiasts. Restoring your old mustang is going to take a lot of work, love, talent and money. The last stage of long arduous months of restoration is to give your Mustang a clean look. So it's important to take note how to wash that pony into a sleek beauty.

  • First off, find a suitable area to do the dirty job. Cleaning that Mustang can be a lot of hard work so you may want to do it under a fair amount of shade. Remember that too much exposure to the sun is not good for anyone, even your car. Good drainage won't hurt as well. You wouldn't want your car clean but have to bear with that after-washing stagnant water.
  • Prep the necessary cleaning materials. Car wash sponge, car wash gel or soap, a sizeable bucket and a garden hose with unlimited supply of water should all be under your list of cleaning-your-Mustang-must-haves.
  • Work in the right work clothes. Most likely, you've done the whole body-painting yourself. Most automotive repair shops refuse to take on jobs that require whole body painting of cars nowadays, unless of course an insurer will pay for the costs. So dressing properly for the occasion of washing your Mustang is absolutely necessary. Avoid garments that have sharp edges or zippers to avoid damaging the paint job. Change into comfortable working clothes that will look good on you wet.
  • Avoid injuring yourself from burns. Make sure that brakes and exhaust pipes have all cooled down to avoid burning yourself in the process of washing your pony.
  • Knock yourself out. Close all the doors and roll up all the windows. Knock yourself out as you clean your Mustang while keeping in mind not to use too much pressure when wiping the car clean.

Let's face it -- your Mustang is a commodity and could give you a big return in the future. Love your car and it will definitely give back what's due you.




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