How To Weld Sheet Metal to a Car Roof

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Little damages to our cars may be remedied right away. What troubles us are the major damages such as damages in the roof of the car that requires us to change its entire sheet metal surface. Others may feel that only the auto repair shops may change the sheet metal of a car roof. But this is not true. Anyone can do the welding, even in the comfort of their own backyard or garage so long as they have the proper tools to do it. Below are the steps in how to weld sheet metal to a car roof:

  1. Assess the damage. Of course we know that the main reason you’re changing your steel sheet is because of a major damage. But before deciding to change the entire sheet metal, assess first the damage. Sometimes it does not require a change in sheet metal, minor repairs would do.
  2. Have the right model of your car. If you are convinced of the need to change the entire metal sheet, the next step is for you to have the right model of your car. This is important since the metal sheet you’ll be using should fit perfectly to your car. Auto repair shops or other roofing contractors will definitely ask you of the car model so they could supply the perfect metal sheet you need.
  3. Contact the nearest auto repair shops. Then contact the nearest auto repair shop to you and order the steel sheet you need. You will have to provide them of the specific model of your vehicle for accuracy. These auto repair shops, if they already have, would provide your needs. Otherwise, they will have to contact a roofing contractor and order the metal sheet that suits your car. Roofing contractors use steel fabricators for metal products. Sometimes they have to undergo the process of metal fabrication in order to secure the accuracy of the metal sheet they would provide. Metal sheet prices vary depending on how thick the metal would be.
  4. Remove the old and damaged roof. Remember to remove all rust as well. Polish, if necessary, the area where you’ll mount the new sheet metal.
  5. Mount and secure the new sheet metal into the roof frame of the car. Once you have the new metal sheet, you can start welding it by first mounting and securing through screws into the roof of the car. Be sure to align it to the roof frame of the car.
  6. Check the operator’s manual to determine the necessary voltage. Once that you have it mounted and secured, check the welder’s instructional material to determine and fix the proper details such as the voltage and wire feed, etc.
  7. Weld all corners down. Weld it starting to the corners down. The corners should be the first to be welded before proceeding to the sides of the steel sheet.
  8. Weld the sides into the car roof. After welding the corners of the metal sheet, weld now the sides into the roof frame. Remember that in welding, disregard first the smooth surface that you wish have.
  9. Smoothen the welded parts. Lastly, apply the finishing touch by smoothing the welded parts.

Welding your car’s metal sheet roof does not have to come expensive by letting the auto repair shops do the work. As long as you have your own materials, you can do it yourself, of course with a little help from a friend to help you do the heavy work like lifting and mounting it.


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