How To Work a Torque Wrench

Even tightening a nut or bolt in your car requires the right calculations. If not done properly, the bolt can actually break from excessive pressure or can malfunction if too little pressure is applied. Because of this, the torque wrench is a special tool that is crucial for any calibration repair on your car.
Though the impact wrench is similar to many other kinds of wrench set, the impact wrench has some unique features that you need to know about. This is crucial for you to be able to properly install the bolts in your car.  If you are planning on using torque tools for your next auto repair, check out these guidelines on how you can properly use these tools:

  • Measurements. The special feature of the impact wrench is the built-in torque measurement adjustment. Through this feature, you can set a particular amount of force to be applied on the nut or bolt that you are working on. When using the measurement system, it is important that you apply the manufacturer’s recommended torque levels to avoid damage to the nuts or bolts. You can check your car manual to find the degree of force needed for each type of nut or bolt that needs tightening.
  • Adjustments. Once you know the recommended torque measurement, you can adjust the impact wrench dial which is located at the bottom part of the tool. You can do this by rotating the dial either backward or forward to set it to the correct measurement. Remember that there are two ways through which the measurement can be done. You can either use the metric system conversion or US Imperial system conversion. To help you determine which measurement system to use, you can check either the consumer reviews or manufacturer reviews which will indicate the proper use and adjustment of your torque tools. This is especially important if it is your first time to use the torque tool. You can also check the user manual for the adjustable wrench.
  • Tightening. Find the right socket for the nut or bolt that you are working on. Attach the socket to your wrench set and directly fit the set to the nut or bolt. Tighten the bolt or nut by performing short hand strokes to the adjustable wrench.
  • Finishing. To know if you have applied sufficient force and are finished with the task, check if the torque wrench has already slipped the nut or bolt into the proper place. This happens automatically as the adjustable wrench reaches the pre-calculated amount of force required to tighten the nut or bolt.

When you are using a torque wrench for any of your home or car repair projects, make sure to use the wrench correctly. Be sure to follow these steps in every calibration. Keep in mind that the wrench can actually break the nuts or bolts you are working on, if you do not properly use the tool. 


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