How To Improve the Fuel Economy of your Car

Fuel prices have been going up and it doesn't seem to get better each year, so the only way you can save money is to try to improve the fuel economy of your car. These are some ways that can help save you fuel and money.

  1. Maximize your trips. If you are going out on the road you might want to plan your trip. Take some time to plan your day or week to maximize the trips using the car. Sit down with everyone in the family and make a schedule of what everyone needs to do during the week. You may find errands that can be combined in to one day so you won't have to take the car out too often. When you combine errands in a day that would mean traveling in the car from one place to another and that would also mean the car will stay warm until you use it again for the next chore on your list. This saves more fuel rather than having to keep starting a cold engine which will use more fuel than a warm car.

    Start a carpool in your neighborhood so each of you will get the chance to save on fuel costs traveling to work. And if you can try to get to work a little earlier before the morning rush then that would also save you from being stuck in traffic and using up a lot of fuel.

  2. Practice efficient driving methods. When you are within city limits roll down your windows and turn off the air conditioner. The air conditioner affects the amount of gas the car consumes. On a highway you can roll up your windows and use the air conditioner since open windows can create a lot of drag making the car consume more fuel. Try not to drive aggressively since aggressive braking and acceleration will use up loads of fuel. Drive within the speed limit as this can save you fuel when you drive consistently at 60 mph. If you have to wait for someone, turn off your vehicle. Leaving the car idling for hours is going to waste gas and it isn't getting you anywhere.
  3. Keep your car maintained. Keep your car in tip top shape to optimize your fuel. A good running car will use up less fuel when you travel, so your goal is to keep the car running efficiently. Change spark plugs that are spent and change the air filters when they are dirty. Inflate the tires with the proper amount of air pressure and have them aligned. You also need to reduce the weight in your car, so if you've been keeping your golf clubs and dumbbells in your trunk, get them out.

You will improve your car's fuel efficiency by keeping it well maintained and maximize its use for errands. Drive sensibly and you will save on fuel and even lives. 


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