Keep from Getting Cheated by an Auto Body Shop

Everyone is on a tight budget these days. When it comes to letting go of a large sum of money, most are hesitant to do so. However, there are just some cases wherein no matter how much you want to save up, you end spending just because you need to. One example is car repairs done by professionals - it will definitely cost you a lot. It helps to be a smart customer; one should be aware of specifics so as not to be cheated by those who know what they are doing.

  • Ask around to get recommendations. You can ask friends or coworkers who have had repair services done on their cars. You may get bad and good reviews from different people regarding auto body shops but at least you know where to go to in case you need to get something done on your car. Their experiences with different auto body shops will serve as a basis for you - someone who isn't sure with regards to where to get the best deals for repairs.
  • Ask your insurer for any good places they can suggest. Your insurer will definitely look out for you since they will treat you as a valued client (of course they don't want to lose a customer). They will recommend the best places so that you don't get disappointed.
  • Know what you want done or fixed. You should know exactly what range of costs you might need to pay for. It helps to do little canvassing of your own. Don't rely on what an estimator may give you as a quote. Yes they can give you the cheapest quotes but then, they might miss out on something you are looking for. You don't want to end dissatisfied so keep your options open. Ask your estimator to explain all the details of the quote that they may offer you so you know exactly will be done once you decide on it.
  • Consider the credibility of the establishment.  Theoretically, a good business is something that lasts for years. Most businesses that do not perform well tend to close out as early as possible. Although time may not be sufficient enough to tell whether an establishment is really worth spending money on or not, it is still a good indicator if a business is really earning or not. Customers usually keep coming back if something satisfies them. Also, it helps to know what apparatus/equipment/machinery an establishment uses. This will tell you if you will be able to get the outcome you want.

If an estimator offers you just one quote and you think it's something that meets your needs, don't just pay abruptly. It is best to pay once you are already satisfied with the service that you received.

Remember that when it comes to your car, being frugal isn't always good. A quote cheaper than the others may mean you can save more money but it may also mean that you may not get the complete service you want done on your car. Again, check every detail just to be sure about what you are going to get as an outcome.


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