Keep Your VW Camper Running Smoothly

The VW Camper is perfect for out of town trips with your family and friends. If you own one, I'm sure that you have many fond memories associated with VW Camper. And you want to continue making more memories with your VW Camper. How do you that? Simple! Make sure that beloved vehicle is well-maintained.

Here we present a simple guide to keep you VW Camper in tip-top shape.

  1. Change oil regularly. This is vital to the longevity of your VW Camper. Ideally, you should change the engine oil every 2,000 miles. If you think you're being an overprotective vehicle owner, then you can change your engine's oil every 3,000 miles. It's not advisable to go beyond that.
  2. Check tire pressure. Check your vehicle manual for the recommended tire pressure for your beloved camper. If you're using your vehicle regularly, check for tire pressure every two weeks. If not, then you should make sure that you have the correct tire pressure before you go on a long trip. This will keep your wheels to remain in good shape, too!
  3. Check you fuel lines and hoses for signs of wear and tear. This one goes without saying-you do not want to be out on the road for a trip and find out that your fuel line just broke. That will be a total bummer. So check it monthly or so, and before any long trip that you will make. Check the heater piper for leaks while you're at it too.
  4. Replace your air filter regularly. Some people recommend that you do this simple task every 5,000 miles. The oil of the air filter should be changed, too! Clean it and fill it up with new engine oil. Do not forget to dispose of the used engine oil properly lest you want local conservationists making a riot at your doorstep.
  5. Grease your axle and wheel bearing. Ideally, you should grease your axle every 5,000 miles. But if that's too much for you, you can do it every 7,000 miles. To make your job easier, buy a grease gun at the local auto parts and supplies store.
  6. Grease your wheel bearings. As for your wheel bearings, take out your grease gun after 10,000 miles. After that, just re-grease every two or three years. Also check if your wheel bearings need replacement. Usually, a grinding sound when a wheel is spinning indicates that you need to have the wheel bearings replaced fast.
  7. Check your hand breaks. If there is one thing about bad about the VW Camper, it's the fact that it has poor hand breaks. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear VW Camper owners complaining that their hand breaks aren't working. Avoid being an unhappy camper by adjusting your breaks regularly.

Your VW Camper will run smoothly and go a long way if you religiously follow these guidelines.


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