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  • How To Tune Up a Car

    Want to do your own tune-up? Avoid repair shops and save money tuning up cars. Find a list of parts to inspect and clean. Here’s how to tune up a car.
  • How To Use an Air Compressor

    Air compressors have many uses such as inflating tires and airbeds, and powering nail guns and staplers. Learn how to use an air compressor.
  • How To Use an Exhaust Pipe Bender

    Pipe benders can be used for various jobs, but are mainly used to fix cars. Learn how to use a pipe bender to replace old auto exhaust pipes.
  • How To Gut a Catalytic Converter

    A clogged catalytic converter can reduce fuel efficiency and power. While not readily removable, gutting it is fairly simple. Here are the steps to gutting a 'catcon'.
  • How To Get Rid of Mildew Smell in a Car

    Need help getting rid of mildew in a car? Learn to create a nice car smell. Here's how to get rid of mildew smell in a car.
  • How To Get Rid of Oxidation from a Car Lens

    Car headlight lenses are often not made of glass these days. Here are tips on how to get rid of oxidation from a car lens.
  • How To Get Swirl Marks Out of Car Paint

    Having your car painted gives an old ride a new look, but any swirl marks in the paint will show when the sun bounces off the hood. You can get rid of these swirl...
  • How To Flush Power Steering Fluid

    Occasionally it becomes necessary to flush your car's power steering fluid and replace the steering fluid to keep your car running smoothly.
  • How To Fix a Minor Scratch on Your Car

    Your car's paint job is its best feature, and even the smallest scratch can seem to ruin it. Learn how to fix a minor scratch on your car and restore your paint job.
  • How To Safely Remove Fine Scratches from Your Car's Paint

    If you want to keep your car in prime condition, you should remove the fine scratches that cars get from regular wear and tear. Here's how.
  • How To Ruin an Engine

    Part of learning how to drive a car is finding out how to take care of your car’s engine. Here are a few ways that can ruin a car’s engine.
  • How To Drain Radiator Coolant

    Every so often you have to drain radiator coolant and replace the coolant with a fresh infusion. If you do this, your car’s cooling system will function at its best.
  • How To Remove Coffee Stains from a Car's Interior

    Whether you have a leather or cloth upholstery and interior, there are a variety of ways to remove coffee stains from the interior of your car.
  • How To Remove Mold from Car Upholstery

    Mold in your car is unhealthy and must be treated; it also has a nasty odor. Here are tips on how to remove mold from car upholstery.
  • How To Remove Stains from Leather Car Seats

    Learn the steps to safely remove stains from leather car seats. They are an investment worth looking after properly.
  • How To Remove Tar from Your Vehicle

    Tar marks are unsightly and if left too long can corrode paintwork. Here are the best methods to use to remove tar from your vehicle.
  • How To Remove a Car Engine

    You can save a lot on car repairs and maintenance if you can trouble shoot car engine problems. Here are the steps on how to remove a car engine.
  • How To Repair Chipped Paint

    Chipped paint often makes the surface ugly, and applying new paint without taking careful steps will just make matters worse. Take these steps instead to repair...
  • What is an Anti Freeze Tester

    An anti freeze tester can determine every pertinent detail about the anti-freeze in your vehicle and help ensure its proper functioning.
  • How To Damage a Car's Manual Transmission

    Iimproper use makes a manual transmission prone to breakage. Specifically, here are the habits that can lead to manual transmission damage.
  • How To Prepare Tires for Snow

    When you winterize your car, you should not overlook the tires. Remember that winter presents different driving conditions, making driving quite difficult to manage.
  • How To Clean RV Heat Duct Work

    If you own a recreational vehicle or RV, there are some maintenance issues you have to be mindful of. One of them is the regular maintenance of the RV heat duct work.
  • How To Compare Tire Brands

    When shopping for replacement tires, you will want to buy the best tires for your vehicle. There are many brands to choose from. The trick is in knowing how to choose...
  • How To Clear Up Clouded Headlights

    One of the things that people disregard when it comes to maintaining their cars are clouded headlights. Here are the steps on how you can clear up your headlights.
  • How To Clean Mold Out of Car Upholstery

    To learn more about how to remove and clean mold out of your car upholstery, here are some quick and simple tips that you can effectively follow.
  • How To Clean Black Convertible Tops

    You have to keep a few things in mind so that you will know the convertible top cleaner that will work best for your black convertible top.
  • How To Clean a Polaris Clutch

    A Polaris needs proper care to allow it to function at its optimal level and extend its service life. The most important part to maintain is the Polaris clutch.
  • How To Clean Motorcycle Gas Tanks

    Cleaning your motorcycle gas tank may sound a bit too complicated for you to do, but it is actually very easy.
  • How To Clean a Car's Gas Tank

    Even the car’s gas tank will eventually accumulate dirt and grime that needs to be cleaned out. If you have a car that is several years old, tank cleaning is a must.
  • How To Make a Motor Stop Blowing Smoke

    Smoke is a common by-product of a combustion engine. However, emitting large amounts of smoke might mean that there is something wrong with your motor.
  • How To Clean Car Upholstery Stains

    Car upholstery stains can be easily removed, that is if you attempt to remove them immediately. To help you, here are some cleaning tips.
  • How To Clean Rust off a Car Engine

    One of the more common culprits associated with engine breakdown is rust. Here are several effective methods to clean rust from your car engine.
  • How To Check Radiator Hoses

    This article describes the steps you can take to make sure that your radiator hoses are in good health.
  • How To Check the Size of a Car Battery

    Before you go shopping for a new car battery, you need to consider five factors: size, brand, reserve capacity, age, and cold-cranking amps.
  • How To Check Tire Tread Wear Patterns

    It is easier to check your tires for wear if you know exactly what to look for. For this reason, it is important that you get familiar with tire tread wear patterns.
  • How To Check Your Car Tire Wear

    If car tire treads have gone “bald,” traction is compromised and may be the cause of accidents. Here’s how to determine if your tires are worn out and need...
  • How To Check Car Tire Pressure

    Regularly checking car tire pressure is an important task of car owners who don’t want to die early, don’t want to waste money on new tires, and don’t want to...
  • How To Check Brake Fluid

    Inadequate amount and improper condition of a car’s brake fluid can result in simultaneous failure of all brakes, especially under hard braking.
  • How To Mount a Car Shock

    Shock absorbers can get worn down and will occasionally need replacement. The procedures will be the same, whether you mount a left or right car shock.
  • How To Check for a Brake Fluid Leak

    Although a low level of brake fluid does not necessarily signal leakage, this article describes several tips in checking for brake fluid leaks.
  • How To Check for a Windshield Washer Fluid Leak

    Sometimes, washer fluid goes to waste because of leaks in the windshield washer system, in which case your wipers may not work properly.
  • How To Check the Strength of a Trailer

    Knowing the strength of your trailer can help you avoid accidents. This article will describe some of the things to look for when checking the strength of a trailer.
  • How To Change a Radiator Hose

    One of the most common problems that you can encounter with your car is a problem with the radiator hose. In most cases, the problem would be leakage.
  • How To Check Motorcycle Brakes

    Knowing how to check motorcycle brakes can help you avoid accidents and unnecessary repairs arising from subsequent damage.
  • How To Change Your Car Motor Oil

    Here are the step by step instructions on how you can change the motor oil of your car.
  • How To Check the Distributor Cap

    The first thing you need to do is to locate the distributor cap. It is fairly easy to find because it looks like an octopus with wires as its tentacles.
  • How To Change an Oil Plug

    In some cases, the oil plug needs to be changed if it is damaged or if it is not doing its job of keeping the oil inside your car.
  • How To Check Out Your Car’s Catalytic Converter for Blockage

    Making sure that your vehicle’s catalytic converter is free of blockage is very much like making sure that your nose is not clogged.
  • How To Check Your Car Battery without a Meter

    In the absence of a multimeter, you can still easily determine if your battery is weak by taking note of the following signs.
  • How To Check Tie Rod Ends

    To avoid compromising safety, you need to check your tie rod ends whenever you experience free-play in the wheels.