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  • How To Remove Vomit from a Car Interior

    At some point in your life you are likely to deal with vomit in a car interior, whether from a child, adult or pet. Learn how to remove vomit stains and odor from a...
  • How To Fill Up a Gas Tank

    It’s a simple process to fill up a gas tank, but regulations regarding pre-payment vary by state. You can use your credit card or pay cash.
  • How To Repair Sagging Car Ceiling

    Changes in temperature inside the car typically wear down the adhesives that attach the ceiling fabric to the top of the body. Learn how to repair a sagging car ceiling.
  • How To Degrease an Engine

    Learn to degrease your vehicle's engine to ensure it is running under optimal conditions. This will preserve the integrity of your vehicle.
  • How To Rebuild a Carburetor

    Carburetors are integral parts on naturally-aspirated engines and prone to breakdown due to wear and tear. Learn how to rebuild a carburetor.
  • How To Stop an Engine Vibration

    Try these methods to stop engine vibration prior to taking your car to the auto repair garage.
  • How To Remove Melted Chocolate from Upholstery

    There is a fast and efficient way to clean melted chocolate from upholstery. If you follow the directions, you won't even have a stain!
  • How To Replace Hubcaps

    Hubcaps come in a number of different styles, but they're all very easy to remove and replace. Follow these steps to replace your hubcaps.
  • How To Prepare Drag Race Cars

    If you are interested in joining any drag racing event, it is very important to prepare yourself and the drag race car you are going to use.
  • How To Check and Add Radiator Fluid

    Failing to check and add radiator fluid can leave you on the side of the road, so follow these simple steps to keep that from happening.
  • How To Rotate Tires

    Tire rotation is important to your car's performance. You can rotate the tires of your car yourself; there's no need to take your car to the shop.
  • How To Change Your Spark Plug Wire

    This article will explain the parts of a spark plug and how to change your spark plug wires.
  • How To Diagnose a Slipping Clutch in Your Car

    If you think the issue has become apparent that the clutch is slipping in your car, here are some ways to diagnose if your car has a slipping clutch.
  • Remove a Wheel Stud

    This article is intended to provide instructions on how to remove a screw-in wheel stud.
  • How To Know if You Need that Expensive Car Repair

    Car parts are expensive. Why pay money for something you may not need? Here are some tips to help you determine if you really need those expensive car parts.
  • How To Repair Broken Auto Glass

    Auto glass is a vital part in a vehicle because without it, you would not be protected from road debris. Learn how to repair broken auto glass or if it needs...
  • How To Save on Auto Repair Costs

    Although paper auto repair manuals have always been helpful, with the Internet comes online repair manuals. Read these suggestions and find ways to save on auto repair...
  • How To Retro-Fit Auto Body Parts

    Retro-fit body parts provide the best option to those individuals who want to tinker away on a recently bought, bargain classic or vintage car. Here is how you can...
  • How To Minimize Corrosion on the Car

    Corrosion is inevitable. Here are some tips to help in minimizing corrosion on your car.
  • How To Find After-Market Car Body Parts

    Buying quality after-market parts will help you balance your paycheck without having to sacrifice your car's performance and your safety as well. Here's how to do this.
  • How To Buy Fuel Treatments

    Fuel treatments prevent corrosion and filter out harmful chemicals to prevent rapid wear and tear. Here are some steps to buying fuel treatments.
  • How To Change Rear Rotors

    The brakes are one of the most important parts of a car. This includes the rear rotors. Here are some tips to change the rear rotors on your car.
  • How To Check the Fluid for a Hydraulic Clutch in Your Car

    Here are some steps to help you check your car's supply of fluid in the hydraulic clutch.
  • How To Check Your Car's Differential Gear Oil

    There isn't really a system that checks your car's differential gear oil, so you have to manually check it. Here are some tips to do that.
  • How To Determine How Many Cylinders Your Car Has

    To identify how many cylinders your car has it is necessary to find out how many spark plug wires are connected to each cylinder. Read on to find out how to do this.
  • How To Fix a Broken Electric Car Window

    If you're the type of car owner who likes to tinker around with their cars, a broken electric car window would not be too difficult a problem to fix. Here's where to...
  • How To Burp Your Car's Cooling System

    Air must be released from the cooling system, and the process commonly known as burping your car's cooling system involves a few steps that one can do in the garage.
  • How To Clean a Leather Vehicle Interior

    It is also imperative to know what kind of leather your vehicle interior has. There are various types, from one hundred percent genuine leather, to suede, to...
  • How To Change Rear Brake Pads

    Replacing the rear brake pads follows almost the same procedure as what you do with the front brake pads.
  • How To Check Your Dashboard Lights

    Checking of your dashboard lights is a lot easier than changing tires or washing the car. You can do it just before you leave the house in the morning.
  • How To Keep Your Windshield Fog-Free

    Struggling with a foggy windshield is definitely hazardous especially during the wet season. The following are some steps to ensure a fog-free drive.
  • How To Perform a Waterless Car Wash

    Waterless car wash is a technique that uses specific products to achieve a squeaky clean car without wasting even a drop of water.
  • How To Use Jack Stands

    One very important tool any car owner does not do without is a pair of trusty jack stands, which come in handy when you need to do some tinkering underneath the car.
  • How To Maintain a Convertible

    It requires special care to maintain a convertible top in order to prevent leaks and damages. The following are some steps to keep your convertible always as good as new.
  • How To Recycle Motor Oil

    Recycling is one way of helping to conserve resources. Used motor oil can be reused as fuel for heating, or as lubricating oils. It can also be re-utilized in power...
  • How To Clean a Vinyl Vehicle Interior

    Follow these steps if you want to ensure that your vehicle's vinyl-treated interior is kept at its best condition.
  • How To Replace an Electrical Fuse in a Car

    Here are some tips to help you replace the electrical fuse in your car.
  • How To Change Brakes

    This article will outline how to change your vehicle’s front brake pads, the ones that take most of the brunt every time you brake your car.
  • How To Set Carburetor Settings

    Here are some tips to set carburetor settings.
  • How To Know Who Ought To Install Car Electronics

    This article elaborates on the discussion of who should install car electronics - should it always be a professional or can a talented DIYer do it?
  • How To Prepare Your Car for Vacation

    Read our checklist to prepare your car for vacation, including what fluids to check, cleaning the battery, and what emergency equipment may be needed for your road trip.
  • How To Replace Catalytic Converter

    A catalytic converter is a device installed in a motor vehicle that converts harmful emissions into less dangerous gases. Catalytic converters are a relatively new...
  • How To Repair And Service Vehicle Exhaust Systems

    Maintenance of a car exhaust system is vital for smooth running as well as the environment. Read these tips on servicing a car exhaust system.
  • How To Do Preventive Maintenance for your Vehicle

    Here are some useful tips on how to do facility maintenance in your car.
  • How To Replace a Fuel Pump Fuse

    If you know where your fuse box is in your car, you can easily replace the fuel pump fuse by following these easy steps.
  • How To Reduce Condensation in Fuel Tanks

    One thing you can do to keep condensation out of your fuel tank is to keep your fuel tank full or nearly full of fuel. Other suggestions are provided.
  • How Labor Charges Are Calculated

    Automotive repair technicians often use a standard method to calculate labor charges. Whether you're in need of a few car repairs, or you are interested in using this...
  • How To Check and Refill Refrigerant

    Use caution when filling the refrigerant in your automobile. First begin by locating the high pressure line; if it reads green, no maintenance is necessary.
  • How To Lubricate Your Motorcycle Chain

    if you know hot to lubricate your motorcycle chain, then you can do your own maintenance to ensure a smooth and trouble-free ride.
  • How To Clean the Oil Drain Plug

    Instead of going to an auto mechanic, many drivers change their motor oil themselves. An important part of the process is to clean the oil drain plug.