How To Make Glass Cleaner for Cars

It is always cheaper make items at home instead of buying them from supermarkets. You will be able to save lots of money that you can use for buying your other needs. One of the items you can create at home by yourself is a glass cleaner or glass wax for cars. It is easy to make a glass cleaner. You can also make this glass cleaner out of the ingredients that are already in your kitchen.

All you need is a good cloth that you can use for the windows of your car. Using ordinary cotton cloth to wipe your windows can leave marks or tiny fibers that may be unsightly. Purchase special cloth from an auto store to use with your homemade glass cleaner.

Here are the steps on how you can create a homemade glass cleaner for cars:

  1. Materials. The materials that you will need are 2 spray bottles, vinegar, baby shampoo and water. You can purchase a spray bottle from your local garden store or you can also use an old one if you have one. There are two types of glass cleaners that you can make for the glass windows of your car.
  2. First Glass Cleaner. For the first glass cleaner, all you have to do is to mix 1 cup of vinegar with warm water. First, put 1 cup of vinegar inside the spray bottle. Then, fill the remainder of the bottle with warm water. Use a special cloth for glass so that no other materials will remain on the windows when you wipe. You can use this solution as a windshield cleaner, side mirror cleaner and all the glasses in your car. Not only will the solution polish the glass, the vinegar will also help disinfect your windows.
  3. Car washingSecond Glass Cleaner. The next solution that you can do will surely leave no streaks on the glass of your car. This is one of the best alternatives you can use for commercial glass polish, such as Windex or Sprayway. Fill the spray bottle with 32 ounces of water. Put 3 tablespoons of baby shampoo inside the spray bottle. Shake the water bottle.
  4. Uses. You can use these two solutions alternately to make sure that you both disinfect the glasses on your car and also to make sure that no streak marks are left on your windows. You can also use the vinegar solution as a grout cleaner for your bathroom. Doing this alternative will definitely save you lots of money. You can also use these glass cleaners for mirrors and other glass items in your house.

These are the steps on how you can create homemade glass cleaner for cars. You will surely save a lot of money by making your own cleaner to clean glass instead of buying one from the car shop. Glass cleaners for cars can be expensive and some of them do not even work. It is good to use the vinegar solution so that you can disinfect your windows and use the baby shampoo mixture after so that your windows will be shiny and streak free.


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