How To Find One Way Van Rentals

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Moving to a new house is quite a huge task. Aside from getting yourself psyched up for your new place, how to move all your stuff is another thing to give high priority. But it should not be that hard if you have your own trailer or van. For others who don't, knowing what to do and who to call can save you a lot of time, energy and money. The best way to deal with such situations is to hire one-way cargo vans to do the job. This may sound as easy as dialing certain numbers from the classifieds or yellow pages, but before doing so, there are things you might want to consider in choosing which company to call.

  • Cost-effectiveness. For starters, with minimal stuff to move, renting a one-way cargo van is the perfect way to go, especially if your luggage wouldn't really require a cargo truck. One-way cargo vans reduce your moving expenses by half, since you don't have to go back and forth. Consider giving one-way cargo vans a shot if you are sure about the size of your luggage. Don't forget to count yourself in as part of the cargo, unless you're planning to get a separate ride. Choose cargo companies that wouldn't cost too much but still yield the same effective results.
  • Location. Even if you're not rushing, you must choose a cargo company that can readily be there after your booking to avoid delays in your travels. Doing so also saves you some cash by not paying premiums on the distance you travel. It would also mean you can easily drop by their office for some quick consultations and follow-ups when needed.
  • Available Customer Service. Just as with any other business, cargo van companies aren't perfect, and for those nasty situations, an available customer service team to help the customers is a good way to save the day. Make sure your chosen company has their own support system in place. The last thing you'd want to have is to worry about your cancellations or postponements in very awkward situations. Worse, if you were on the road and in dire need of assistance from the cargo company, you'd be surprised how precious a customer service department is.
  • Market Reputation. Cargo companies are everywhere, and so choosing the best one means you get the best deal. A safe way to determine this is the company's reputation in the business. Most if not all good cargo rentals have developed their own techniques in moving your luggage. Try asking your friends, or if you know a family who just moved in, asking for some advice is a good idea.
  • Vehicle Type. Though this factor may seem to be the last of your concerns, it wouldn't hurt to consider the quality of the cargo van you'll be entrusting your luggage to. Most common van models used by cargo companies are the Chevy Astro, Chevy Express and Dodge Sprinter. Just ask the cargo company to provide you with a vehicle that has great hauling capacity and stability for safety considerations.

There's a wide range of existing cargo van rentals to choose from online. You can use online directory listings like Craigslist, and other direct sites like U-Haul at or MovingOrbit at And remember, booking earlier is always better than giving yourself some headache on the day you're supposed to be relaxing on the road.


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