Safely Polish Your Car by Hand or Machine

You finally got your act together and asked your dream girl for a date. And, miracle of all miracles, she agreed. You already made the dinner reservation and bought a new dressy shirt to match with the coolest pair of jeans you own. You're all set for the big date. Wait! Did you polish your car?

Going on a date with the girl of your dreams in a dirty and unclean car is no-no. If you don't have time, or the money, to go to an auto shop, clean your car and polish it yourself. Here's a step-by-step guide to polishing your car by hand or using a machine.

  1. Park your car in a shaded spot. Being in direct sunlight is bad for a car, and inconvenient for you. Park inside the garage and leave the garage doors open, or park under a tree.
  2. Prepare the materials you will need. You will need cleaner-waxes and an applicator pad, either foam or microfibre, if you plan to polish by hand. If you're planning to use polisher, then you can use either a polishing compound or polish. You will also need a plush towel to remove excess wax.
  3. Make sure that your car is clean and dry. Give your car a quick look over. There should not be a dirt or dust in sight.
  4. Start waxing or polishing. If you're going to polish your car by hand, put a small amount of the cleaner wax in the sponge. Make sure to shake the container of the cleaner wax well before you do this. Start by waxing the roof hood and the trunk, before doing the fenders, side panels, and doors. Some use a back-and-forth hand motion when applying the cleaner wax, while some use the circular motion. Use whatever works for you, or try to combine both.
  5. Polishing the carMake sure that you only applying a single, thin layer of wax. You will only waste wax if you slather it since you will wipe away the excess wax after. Let the wax dry15 to 20 minutes, depending on the directions printed on the container, before wiping the excess wax using the clean side of the applicator you used.

You basically follow the same steps when using a polishing machine. Spread the polishing compound or polish over the work area and start your machine. You do not need to apply pressure to the machine; you just need to guide and it will move on its own. Do not attempt to guide the machine in wide circular motions. Also, do not attempt to make forward and backward motions. Read the polisher manual carefully for the correct way to use the machine.

Let the polishing compound or polish dry before removing excess wax. The residue of a polishing compound or polish can be quite stiff so make sure you use a plush towel to wipe off excess wax.

Congratulations! You have successfully waxed your car to the nines. Go pick up your dream girl and carry on with the big date.


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