How To Recognize a Malfunctioning Water Pump

Water pumps are only as good as their last performance. That’s why malfunctions in pumps need to be treated as soon as they are diagnosed in your vehicle. It will not just make or break your use of your vehicle, but it also has the capacity to help you save more money in maintaining your vehicle.
Pumps operate under generally the same principles. There are a good number of pump types, including submersible pumps, pump wells, air pumps, oil pumps, and pond pumsp. The systems for detecting malfunction in each type differ depending on its function and type of operation. It will also help if you know whether the pump is electric, solar, hand operated or manual, consistently maintained well, etc. However, in this article we will focus on the water pump in your vehicle.

  1. Pump is drawing in too much power. You will notice that the pump may be drawing in too much power if you check the gas consumption of your vehicle. If it is taking so much work than it usually does when you drive to and from work, then something must be wrong.
  2. Pump is not delivering liquid. You will instantly know a water pump malfunction if the pump is not properly delivering the liquid to other parts of the vehicle. This is a bit more difficult to check since you will have to look under the hood to do so.
  3. Too much pump vibration. An excessive vibration from the pump region of your car is also a bad sign. But then the shock absorbers will probably keep you from experiencing its full effect, so you may have to rely on other signs.
  4. Excessive wear of internal wetted parts of your pump. It will also help if you check the internal portions of your pump. If the internal parts deteriorate too quickly, then there is a water pump issue that shortens its life and gives you added expense. 
  5. Bearing failure. Bearing failure occurs when the connecting parts of your pump (i.e. the small bolts) start to experience wear and tear and affects the performance of your water pump.
  6. Unusual sounds. The most obvious telltale sign of a water pump malfunction is the unusual sounds that emanate when you use it. It will help if you have a trained ear in hearing the natural rhythm of your car to detect this immediately.
  7. Leaks and overheating. Most car users attest that overheating and leaks are the most visible symptoms of water pump problems. Unfortunately for vehicle users, it is often already a hassle when the pump is showing these symptoms and an immediate replacement is already needed.

To rely strictly on symptoms may not exactly be in your best interests. A malfunction in a pump is often characterized by a host of circumstances. There might be other parts of your vehicle that need replacement or looking into. So if you are evaluating the performance of your car’s water pump, it might also help if you do a complete check of all the parts to make sure that you have left no stone unturned in the proper troubleshooting of your vehicle.


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