Temporarily Fix a Hole in an Exhaust Pipe

So you've locked the door from where you live, pocketed your keys, and went past the gates of the house. You kicked the tires just to make sure they're fine and went inside the driver's seat (a daily routine before leaving the house). You are getting late and ready to drive yourself to work. A few moments later, a disturbing noise caught your attention. It's louder than your engine and it's coming from the back of your car.  The pipes were broken, and you're a little short on cash. You still need to pay for the water fees and electricity bill and payday is a week ahead. Then a man from that door next to the neighbors steps out of his house with baseball bat. Should you panic right away? No. Repair it, temporarily. That little gash on the pipe should be fixed in no time. But remember it is short-lived, and you might want to buy a replacement soon before it gives in. Get going and fix your pipes. You'll have to deal with that neighbor of yours yourself later.

Perhaps you accidentally slit the exhaust pipe open about 2 inches long around the muffler. You don't know how, you don't know why, but you need to do something. Address the problem using small tools and kits from auto part stores. The pipe replacement can wait, but do not rely on these for long; you can only get by for a few days or weeks. Extend the use of your failing system before it absolutely fails.

The exhaust system, usually with tubes, travels from the engine caused by internal combustion to the mouth of the pipe making its way out. Different designs may vary and the system may contain a turbocharger for increasing engine power, a catalytic converter to reduce pollution and a muffler, a silencer.

There are a lot of ways to fix a hole on an exhaust pipe. Here are some suggestions on how you can temporarily fix them:

Patch it up for a temporary fix before paying up your dollars at a muffler shop to replace the exhaust tubes. In some cases, you might just need to remove the heat shields; doing so can solve the rattling problem (which is louder than your engine) when hitting the gas. You can buy exhaust pipe patches at Kragen Auto Parts for 4 dollars for about 10ft roll. It's a thick aluminum foil with adhesive on one side.

  • You can also cut out the part with the hole off and buy a flex pipe from AutoZone. Get a similar measure in diameter of the exhaust pipe. The flue pipe can also be useful for it comes with all kinds of hard ware that you need, it cost fewer than 10 bucks. Using a piece of tin is fine. Use it along with some hose clamp.
  • You may have thought of using a duct tape and wrap it around the gash. It wouldn't work since it is flammable and would wear out eventually. Use a gun gum-it is an exhaust sealant. Then wrap a tin can around the exhaust pipe and hold it in place using the hose clips. The pressure won't blow off an exhaust bandage wrapped around the pipes.

There, you have fixed a hole in your exhaust pipe temporarily. Remember this is only a temporary fix. Have it repaired by the experts soon.


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