How To Find a Rebuilt Engine

Is your car having some serious engine trouble? Do you need a rebuilt engine and repairs or replacement parts? Instead of buying a new one, why not consider bringing new life back to your old car or engine? It's much cheaper than buying a new one on the market, and will help you prolong the life of your car or engine and maximize its use.

Power Source Rebuilt Engines Online

Power Source Rebuilt Engines Online dedicates itself to engine replacement and selling only excellent quality rebuilt motors/engines, and packages the best deal by including a 3-year (100,000 mile) manufacturer's warranty plus an additional 2-year labor warranty for extra protection of your auto engines. Some companies only advertise for longer coverage, and their warranties don't always include full term coverage for engine parts and labor cost. The company puts a premium on quality, and some features of their rebuilt engine kit include new pistons, rings, timing components, freeze plugs, gasket seats, lifters, oil pumps, rod bearings, and blocks. To assure proper sealing, their block decks and cylinder heads are resurfaced. Connecting rods are thoroughly checked for defects. Crankshafts and camshafts are reground and polished, while oil holes are chamfered. Their rebuilt engines are 100% tested. They have also teamed up with reliable engine suppliers who are certified and have received numerous awards such as the Platinum Pentastar, awarded by Chrysler. They provide parts for American, import, marine, and performance engines, and feature parts from big engine parts manufacturers like Clevite 77, Federal Mogul, DynaGear Inc., Hastings, Pioneer Inc., Dura-Bond, and others. Just browse their list of products at bestrebuiltengines and check out the prices indicated. Order online and mail your money or check order to their company address at Horn Lake, MS. You can also pay by credit card by calling their sales department. Free shipping is included in their services.

S&S Rebuilt Engines

S&S Rebuilt Engines specialize not only in providing quality products, but also in providing helpful information and recommendations for buying remanufactured auto engines and marine engines. Their goal is "Built to last and not replace". They provide discounts, and a 7 year (70,000 mile) warranty. The company has positive reviews, as they strive to provide big savings for their customers with improved mileage and increased performance of their auto engines and motors. Just call the company's toll-free number, and customer service agents are available to assist you. They also provide shipping and car repair services. S&S prides itself on years of continuing development in the rebuilt engine business and still keep on satisfying customers both nationwide and worldwide. Visit their website at rebuiltautoengines.

Jasper Engines and Transmissions

Jasper has been in business since 1942, and they are known today as the leading manufacturer of gas and diesel engines, rebuilt transmissions, auto transmissions, differentials, marine engines, performance engines, and electric motors. With more than 1,500 agents and 41 branch locations nationwide, they dedicate themselves to providing quality rebuilt engine products and services. They provide a 3-year (100,000 mile) warranty on their auto engines and other products. Another best thing about Jasper is that they promote engine remanufacturing as an effective green initiative. Jasper engine remanufacturing is also a form of recycling. And the company's green initiatives include placing dust collectors around their area, reducing ozone depleting vapors in their cleaning process, replacing solvent-based paints used in products with water-based ones, recycling tons of scrap wood material into reusable compost products, and more. To know more about their products and services, check out their website at jasperengines.


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