How To Use Oil Change Stickers

In this very fast paced world, it is quite common to forget things. Sometimes, even the most important information is forgotten. More often than not, you may remember the things that you need to do, but you set it aside and put it at the back of your mind. Then when the time comes that you should remember, you do not remember at all. This is the frequent case with car maintenance, especially oil changes. Here's how to keep track of your oil changes.

Most people use their cars or other forms of vehicles on a daily basis. Because these are used day to day, individuals tend to overlook important matters that concern their means of transport. Maintenance and oil service are taken for granted until time comes that you finally notice an oil leak. Having a dependable ride is vital to everyone and sending the car to a garage for an oil repair can be very cumbersome. But making sure the car you are driving is well maintained should be part of your schedule.

That is why you need to take the matters into your own hands. You don’t need to know every little thing that your local mechanic knows. You just need to be familiar with the basics, and for synthetic oils, lubes and the like, it is best to know when you need to change them. Of course, good engine oil has a golden tinge to it, so you’ll basically know if you need to have your motor oil changed by looking at the color. When the lubricant’s color is already brown or black, then, you have to go to your garage and have your oil changed. Along these lines, you also have to check the lines and parts of your engine especially if you experience an oil leak. When and if the time comes that you need to visit your mechanic, make sure that you put the oil change sticker on your car. This will not only help you remember when you next need to have your oil changed, it will also ensure that you know that your car is still in proper running condition.

Apart from knowing when to have your oil changed, your stickers are useful if you need to let go of your car. Meaning, if you decide to sell your automobile, it would be a plus if you have a collection of proof indicating the service done to your car. Your potential buyer can easily track if you’ve had “oil quick” changes or if you’ve had any major repairs done on your car. Another advantage in keeping your oil change sticker is that you’ll know why your credit card bill suddenly spiked to include your car service and maintenance. You’ll be able to cross check and double check your bills against your oil change stickers. Another important aspect is that you’ll have an idea about the frequency of your oil change. This will ensure that your synthetic oil’s use is maximized. Gone are the days when gas pump attendants did the oil checking for you. Now you don’t actually have to depend on them. Your records, receipts for services, stickers, etc. will act as your reference for your car maintenance calendar.

Most gas stations have promos wherein you fill up coupons or entries to win discounts on prices or free services and you need to use these to your advantage. Because at the end of the day, knowing you have a dependable car is important, and having your oil change is not something to be taken for granted.


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