How To Find Newsletter Templates: Format and Ideas

Get Free Templates for Designing a Newsletter

Are you trying to create a professional newsletter with a style that is just perfect for the content? Of course you are! That's the primary goal of every person writing newsletters. Email marketing can be a time consuming prospect for any business owner. Especially considering the fact that there is so much formatting that goes into creating them from scratch. The secondary goal, however, is creating said newsletter in as short a period of time as possible.

That is why so many business owners are looking for templates so they can just input the necessary information on their products and services. Finding one can help you not only achieve that professional look, but also save loads of time.

Here's how to find paid and free templates for designing a newsletter.

  • Woman working at homeMicrosoft Office – You can visit Microsoft Office online to download free newsletter templates. Their easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing templates are a good place to start your search. Plus, they provide some basic  layouts that may be helpful.
  • Cake Mail – is an online marketing service that offers consumers a variety of products they can use to generate business. This site offers a variety of free  templates to its visitors. They also offer paid subscriptions to the website for access to more marketing materials.
  • Campaign Monitor – This is a website that offers a variety of free products for businesses that would like to reach more consumers through email marketing. The templates offered are not the normal free and somewhat plain ones that other websites have. The products at Campaign Monitor are sure to get any customer's attention.
  • Templates Box – This is another website that offers a variety of free templates. With the large selection of colors, categories and designs, they leave no stone unturned for those looking to update their marketing campaign. Templates Box makes it possible to find free templates that can be customized for any business. To the right is one downloaded from this site.
  • Paid Sites – Choose from any number of businesses offering templates as well. Sites like Stock Layouts and Template Zone sell packages to consumers for varying costs.

    Pay sites will differ somewhat in their procedure. For example, Stock Layouts requires registration before you can make a purchase. Once you register, you can choose from a number of template packages catering to specific sectors. For example, a church newsletter will want different formatting than a pediatrician's. The template packages on these sites can be costly, but they are well worth the money for the marketing material received.

A simple online search for "newsletter templates" yields many options for downloading free templates for your use as well. Beware - some designs look more professional than others. But if you'd like to avoid paying any money, searching online for them is the way to go.

So, what can you do if you're not entirely satisfied by the free newsletter templates available for download, yet don't want to pay lots of money? There is another option that still saves you time and affords you greater control of the format as well. If you have a little extra time on your hands, you can download an HTML newsletter template with a form you find appealing. Through the use of HTML color code, you can adjust the colors so that the appearance is as consistent as possible with your previous marketing material.  Then make it your own by opening the template in Word and saving it. Visit a site like sparklist for examples of free HTML templates and more information about how to use them.

Don't settle for unprofessional newsletters whose style is inconsistent and disappointing. Gather ideas from marketing material you see out there. And don't believe that great newsletters require hours and hours of your time. Explore all the resources available, this includes websites that offer templates either for free or for a fee. With the right template, you are sure to create a newsletter to impress.


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Another choice can be found in the templates provided by BLOG software programs, such as WordPress. Since today's real estate newsletter are primary distributed as email, blog design makes sense and looks great at a website because it is a website.

By Murry Shohat