How To Approach Customer Acquisition

Updating your customer acquisition plan to meet the demands of changing customers is more than just a good idea.  Today, it is essential that you take a critical look at your customer acquisition plan every four months.  Why are customers changing?  Customers change with the development of technology and with fluctuations in the economy.  Therefore, through tracking current and prospective customer profiles and developing an updated customer service plan, you will acquire your bottom line.

Is your customer acquisition plan flexible enough to meet your customer's needs, while fulfilling your bottom line?  In today's economy, you must know how to stay abreast of who your customers are and what they are looking for.  Essentially, you need to be willing to meet your customers wherever they are, and give them convenient access to your products and services. 

Are you hip to new technology and the networking possibilities of your customers?  It is essential that you go where your customers goes. Using social networks like Twitter, MySpace, or Facebook will keep your company visible to your current customers and prospective customers, and brings big business to their level.  With social networking, customers see you as an insider, and thus willingly give you their business.  However, you must also take care of how your customer perceives your company.

The saying about first impressions still holds true, even for your business.  Customer service is 95% of the sales and repeat sales for your company.  Your customer service will make you or break you when it comes to word-of-mouth advertising and your sales.  So, where should you start when updating your customer service plans?  Employee training and evaluation is the essential first step to updating your customer service plans.  Consultants are paid to stay neutral and provide you with the inside knowledge of how your employees think your company can improve.  The consultant will then tell you where more training and incentives are needed to meet your employees' needs.  Once your employees receive updated training and are provided with incentives when possible, they will present themselves with complete professionalism to your customers.

Customer acquisition through social networks and customer service improvement is essential to the growth and stability of your business. Also, make sure your manner of communication reaches the customer the way they want to be reached.  Is your communication only via phone of fax?  Can you be reached via text message or SMS?  If not, you need to get in the game and keep up; online courses in emerging technologies and how they drive customer acquisition may be especially helpful.


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