How To Reward Employees

As a manager, your employees work to impress you. Keep them devoted to doing a good job by recognizing their efforts. Here are some of the best ways that you can reward your employees.

Step 1

Give a gift card. If you want to give your employee something tangible in recognition of his hard work, consider giving him a gift card. It will go over a lot better than a box of chocolate or a silk tie. Plus, you won't have to agonize over the perfect gift for him. Spend two minutes buying your employee a gift card and he'll consider it one of the best rewards ever.

Step 2

Let the employee choose the gift. If your office operates on an incentive program, you can let your employees choose their own rewards. Each incentive level offers a few different rewards to choose from so all employees can be accommodated. For every level that the employee reaches on the incentive program, he has the option of cashing in for that reward or working toward a larger one. You won't have to decide when it's the right time to reward your employee because he'll know exactly what gift he's planning on asking for and when. It saves you the trouble of guessing how to best reward your employee.

Step 3

Offer special privileges. If you'd rather not give tangible gifts as rewards to employees, you can still recognize hard work by allowing employees special privileges. Perhaps a successful work team could earn a free membership to the company gym for a year. Or maybe a salesman who doubled his sales targets could be allowed to park in the president's parking space for a month. Maybe you want to increase the employee's benefits or improve his pension plan. These kinds of rewards don't have any cash value, but they are still considered some of the best rewards by employees. Consider what you can do for your employees to reward them instead of what you can give them to reward them.

Step 4

Give cash. It's the best way to reward an employee, period. Give him a bonus. With extra money, an employee can reward himself in whatever way he wants to. Money is the perfect gift for hard-to-buy for employees, and it's the one reward that no employee will want to return.

Verbal recognition is a great way to show your appreciation to your employees, but it shouldn't be the only way you choose to reward your employees. Find a reward system that motivates your staff, and your employee reward system will keep your staff striving to do well and happy with their efforts.


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