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  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to Fundraiser Planning: 2020 Edition

    Nonprofit organizations have one major challenge that they face every day. Raising enough money to fund operations and provide vital community services. Fundraising...
  • How To Easily Find CBD Oil Distributors Online

    CBD oil provides many benefits, but it can be a hassle finding a legit distributor. In recent times, CBD oil has become one of the most popular products due to the...
  • How To Write a Reminder Collection Letter

    They say there is no business correspondence that requires a greater grasp of human psychology or a larger degree of diplomacy than writing a collection letter. This...
  • How To Start your Own Daycare Center in Pennsylvania

    Business analysts agree that the demand for daycare centers will continue to increase in the coming years. Mothers of today would want their children to be as educated...
  • How To Shop for Blown Glass in Mexico

    Glassblowing is a technique used to form glass into different shapes and sizes. Using a molten glass, a glassblower or gaffer inflates the glass through a blowpipe or...
  • How To Shop at Online Shoe Stores Wisely

    Shopping for shoes online is impractical to some people, but it actually offers a lot of advantages. Online shopping is particularly ideal if you don’t have enough...
  • How To Shop at a Pottery Barn Outlet Store

    Pottery Barn is a well-known home furnishing store. Its unique, classic, and elegant selections of home furnishing products—from rugs to furniture—are a hit among...
  • How To Write Funny Fortunes, Messages and Sayings for Fortune Cookies

    Fortune cookies are crispy cookies made up of sugar, flour, oil, and vanilla, which contain “fortune messages” written on a paper. These words of wisdom are...
  • How To Use Color to Decorate your Office

    Decorating your office in a fun and lively manner is one way to make your workspace enticing. If you have a functional and beautiful work area, it can help you become...
  • How To Use a Log Book

    Logbooks are used in different settings, workplaces, and industries. Their primary function is to keep a record of details regarding an activity, event, work, or...
  • How To Sell Patent Rights

    It is an ordinary practice to sell rights to the patent of an invention or product. It excludes the sale and manufacture of particular designs and inventions. Owning...
  • How To Sell Old Coins

    Whether you are numismatic or not, selling old coins is always a feasible business. A lot of people are interested to buy old and rare coins at a higher price than the...
  • How To Recycle Expired Coupons

    You can do something good to your extra or expired coupons. Send them to overseas military families. They can use your expired coupons 6 months more after they’ve...
  • How To Run a Six Figure Cleaning Business

    Cleaning is not easy. If it was, then no one would even bother hiring help to do the cleaning, the truth of the matter is cleaning is a chore that people would like to...
  • How To Resign or Cancel Your Melaleuca Account

    One company that focuses on products that are environment friendly is Melaleuca, which has been in existence for around 25 years now. The company’s goal is to be...
  • How To Report Employee Stock Options

    What are Employee Stock Options or ESOs? In simplest terms, they refer to employees’ rights to buy the stocks of the company that they are working for. This...
  • How To Report Capital Loss Carryovers

    First of all, what are capital loss carryovers? In simplest terms, they refer to how a business is given the opportunity to eventually recover their losses via...
  • How To Buy a Used Cargo Container

    Used cargo containers are increasingly popular and available for sale through a number of cargo container resellers.
  • How To Promote a Website or Blog by Submitting to Directories

    Blog and website promotion is a tricky task over the Internet. Creating more traffic to your site is the key objective. It is all about having more links that will...
  • How To Get your Own Piercing License

    Anyone can get a piercing license and set up an ear or body piercing service by following these steps.
  • How To Access Chicago Tribune Archives

    Follow these steps to access the Chicago Tribune Archives and data mine the newspaper for old news, photos, and reports.
  • How To Publish a Business Guide for Your Area

    Business guides are great references for interested potential clients for any business. It is also a smart and convenient way to publicize your business as it lists...
  • How To Organize a Fundraiser

    If you support a non-profit organization or a charity, you must know how to organize a fundraiser so that you can get the resources that you need. Fundraising...
  • How To Organize a Convention

    Organizing a convention is no easy task but it is not impossible. You just need to be dedicated and you must know how to use your resources. You can follow the tips...
  • How To Operate a Forklift Reach

    A forklift reach is used in warehouses and construction settings. The reach is useful for stacking or reaching high items. Warehouses use this equipment to organize...
  • How To Organize a Charity Benefit

    Fundraising for charity benefit is a very noble goal. However, no matter how great your intentions are, organizing this kind of event will not be made easier for you....
  • How To Make Money Having Fun with Pets

    Having pets around is fun, thus a lot of people spend money to have and take care of pets. If you’re a pet lover as well, then you’re in luck. There’s plenty of...
  • How To Make Money Buying Gold

    Being the oldest form of legal tender, gold is still used for investment. Even with an erratic financial market, it is possible to profit from buying gold.
  • How To Make Raffle Tickets

    If your organization intends to hold a raffle sale to raise money, cut down on costs by making your own raffle tickets.
  • How To Look Up a Business by Their Tax ID Number

    A Federal Tax Identification Number is given by the Internal Revenue Services or IRS to all business as a way of identifying a business when it files its income tax...
  • How To Draft a Persuasive Business Letter

    Sales and management careers often require you to write a persuasive business letter to negotiate with clients and other businesses.
  • How To License an Invention Idea

    Want to get your invention idea licensed? These licensing tips can help. Here's how to license an invention idea.
  • How To Hold a Reverse Raffle

    If you are trying to raise funds and are tired of the usual raffle and donation cycles, try having a reverse raffle done to keep everyone on their toes.
  • How To Invent New Products

    Want help creating new inventions? These tips can help you with inventing things. Here's how to invent new products.
  • How To Identify Gold Nuggets

    Can you tell the difference between real gold and fool’s gold? Learn tips for identifying pyrite and gold. Here’s how to identify gold nuggets.
  • How To Fund a Charter School

    Interested in attending charter schools? First use these tips to learn about charter school funding. Here's how to fund a charter school.
  • How To Introduce People as an Emcee

    As an emcee, one of your frequent roles is often to introduce people to the crowd, and your introduction must accomplish certain goals.
  • How To Introduce Guest Speakers

    If it falls to you to introduce guest speakers at your next event or meeting, consider these classic tips on how to introduce speakers.
  • How To Import Goods from Vietnam

    If you would like to import goods from Vietnam, either privately or for an import business, you will need to follow Vietnamese export laws.
  • How To Identify Fraudulent Social Security Cards

    Fraudulent social security cards can be used to apply for a job or credit, but certain signs should help you spot a fake social security card.
  • How To Find a Good Psychic

    Want to know your future? Get tips for choosing a psychic, avoiding scams, and getting a great reading. Here’s how to find a good psychic.
  • How To Design a Cubicle Layout Floor Plan

    Putting cubicles in your office? Find tips for efficient, functional, work station layouts. Here’s how to design a cubicle layout floor plan.
  • How To Design a Podiatry Office

    If you have a podiatry practice, consider these design tips and essentials for your podiatry office.
  • How To Write an Action Plan that Will Produce Results

    Too often, action plans are just a waste of time, but follow these management tips and you can write an action plan that will actually produce results.
  • How To Trace Bar Codes

    Usually, barcodes are read through optical scanners. If you want to know how to trace bar codes, learn the following ways below.
  • How To Construct a Cash Flow Statement

    Need help with financial records? Learn about what goes into a cash flow statement for a business. Here's how to construct a cash flow statement.
  • How To Calculate Time Sheets

    If you keep track of payroll numbers, you will have to calculate time sheets over and over again, so you need an efficient time sheet calculation system.
  • How To Create a Business Travel Profile

    As a travel agent you can keep your business clients happy and get more work by creating a business travel profile that will help you serve your clients.
  • How To Check a Company's Legitimacy

    Need help checking out a company's background? Learn how to tell if a company is a real business. Here's how to check a company's legitimacy.
  • How To Calculate Inflation Adjustment

    If you need to calculate inflation adjustment for wages, payments, or any other inflation related adjustment, the following steps will help you do it.