Human Resources

This section is geared toward all aspects of human resources management; whether your HR department serves a company that has 5,000 or 50 employees you will find plenty of articles to help you in any part of your job.

If you would like ways to build employee morale and company loyalty, check out our articles on how to create a job-share position...a good way to encourage employees who are looking for part-time hours stay with the company. If you are wondering if your employee benefits are in line with the industry standards, check out our article on evaluating benefits. It will give you some great information that you can really use in your company.

If would like to figure out how to coordinate summer vacations while keeping employees happy and still have business coverage, we have an article on that. We also have information on how to welcome new employees, how to write a good job description that is clear and concise, and how to take advantage of your company’s human capital.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to give negative reviews or re-write a company policy. Check out our webpage for guidance on that as well. If you do have an employee that gets a negative review, please check out our articles on employee insubordination. This will give you insight on how to handle those situations. We have a lot of great information; make sure you browse around our site.

From employee issues to technical issues, you will find our webpage has a plethora of information that will really help you in your job. Take a look around our site; whether you have a Human Resources degree, are completely new to the industry, or are an HR professional with years of experience, we are sure that you will find our site helpful and will even bookmark us for future reference.

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