How To Create a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is the set of policies that different companies have to ensure that their activities do not have a negative impact on society, the environment and human communities. The policies that are contained in CSRs ensure that the company follows laws and regulations for different sectors of society. This eliminates the possibility of the company engaging in activities that may harm society.

The impact of a company's activities is taken into consideration when the Corporate Social Responsibility plan is developed. This may be hard for some companies to do. What is kept in mind when creating a company's CSR are the three P's. People, Planet, Profit. This is a guide that they use to ensure that the people and the planet are not harmed with any activity; but at the same time, the company must make a profit.

How to create a Corporate Social Responsibility for your company:

  1. Research and survey. When creating your company's own Corporate Social Responsibility policy, it will be helpful if you research the CSRs of companies who are your competitors. This will enable you to create a better CSR that will both satisfy your company and society. You can also conduct a survey of your employees. They can suggest topics or a theory for your CSR. This will improve the quality of your company's Corporate Social Responsibility plan, as the employees from different branches will have a chance to contribute and offer quotes for the possible targets of your CSR from different angles according to their jobs in the company.
  2. Consider the environment. Consider the environmental impact of your company's activities. If there are negative impacts, create a way for your company to reverse the outcome of the activities. You must meet and follow environmental laws to be able to create a good CSR.
  3. Consider society. It is the responsibility of the company to make sure that the impact of their activities does not have a negative effect on people. This is known as the company's corporate ethics or business ethics. It is also important to address different social issues that society is facing.
  4. Marketing. The marketing efforts for the company's products and services must also be considered for the CSR. Social marketing must be both beneficial to the company and also to society. This will ensure that both ends are happy with the activities of the company.
  5. Consider the three P's. In finalizing the Corporate Social Responsibility plan, consider the three P's. Make sure that the people will be happy with the CSR, ensure that no harm will be done to the planet when the activities of the company are carried out, and be sure that the company will still have profit. This will make both the investors of the company and society itself satisfied.

These are the steps that must be considered when creating a company's Corporate Social Responsibility plan. Remember that in order for you to create the best Corporate Social Responsibility plan for your company, you must include and ask for suggestions from the different sectors of the company. By doing this, you are sure that every aspect of the company's activities is covered in the Corporate Social Responsibility plan.


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