How To Do Strategic Planning

"Aim at nothing and you are bound to hit it!" Without strategic planning, aim is skewed and results are lacking. How does a person, company, or group project its goals for successful results: Do strategic planning. There are a number of steps that can be involved in strategic planning; however, a simplistic approach to any goal requires a starting point. Here is a simple four step approach to do strategic planning.

You begin by "Plotting Goals." Plotting goals is similar to putting dots on a map and calculating how many stops along the way you must take to reach your final destination. First and foremost, this process must be fun. If it is boring, bereaving and belaboring, stop now! To continue, let your mind explore, explode and excitingly play with as many ideas as you can. There are no wrong answers. If this is a place to find fault in your plotting, goals will never be realized and accomplishments will rot. The linch pin of plotting goals is leaving negativity at the door and welcoming positive thoughts, visions and dreams.

Now, plan your goals. Once you plot your goals begin planning. "Planning Goals" is not the laborious job of how to's. Maximizing this step of strategic planning can be stated in a simple phrase: "Do not major on the minors, nor minor on the major's." Certain personality types experience an onset of excitement while others experience fear. Make sure the right people are working this stage.

Next, perform your goals. "Performing Goals" can be the one step that successful companies succeed at and failing companies fail at. This is a difficult step for many. When action is required, nothing less can take place. Strategic planning succeeds when people with a passion are not in the passenger's seat but are behind the wheel. Action is required!

Finally, you must position goals. "Positioning Goals" means to evaluate results or position. For example, if I need to make three calls this week to a potential client, set up a profitable meeting, or plan a training guide of 20 pages, did I complete all of these goals and if they were accomplished, were the preconceived results what truly took place? If so, what position do these goals carry over the next day, week, month or year.

Now repeat what works and rework what needs repeating.

Do strategic planning strategically. This process is just that. It is a process that may take a week or five years.


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