How To Find Employee Motivation Techniques

Your employees are not doing so well on the job lately. They may have some family problems. But if this is a pattern with all of your employees, then maybe you are the problem. You don't motivate them and you fail to understand motivating as part of managing a team. But what can you do if you don't really know the employment motivation techniques?

You are not the only manager who has this problem. Here are some techniques you can use to resolve issues to do with lack of motivation:

  1. Be interested in your employees. Make them feel that they matter to you and that you are interested to get to know them more. You can do this by asking about their personal life and struggles or their weird ideas. Everyone is interesting in some way. You just need to be genuinely interested in your employees to do this effectively. You can even test this motivation theory on yourself. Doesn't it feel good to know that you are somehow an interesting person? That gives one a sense of importance; so too to your employee.
  2. Understand the factors that could motivate employees. Promise of employee retention can be one of the ways to motivate employees. But this method uses the fear of losing their job. They can only have a fear of losing their job if they receive a competitive salary, they experience great employee engagement, and they have a good working relationship with you. If these reasons are not there, then expect your employees to lose their fear of losing their job. They won't care anymore about employee retention because they know that other companies can give them better employee satisfaction.
  3. Plan an activity where there can be employee engagement. Why not have a team building day or just a simple 'out of towner'? This way, you'll get to know your employees outside of the office and beyond the working days and hours.
  4. Have an employee survey to know their general ideas about the company. An employee survey is a far better, more effective and formal way to know your employees' ideas. You may ask your employees to evaluate the management's treatment of them through this survey. You will also know if the benefits they receive and rewards programs are enough. The survey can also ask about their great ideas on how management and staff can have a better working relationship.
  5. Reward employees' hard work. Never ever forget to appreciate your employees' hard work because this is the reason for your company's better sales. You may give simple rewards like awarding them or increasing their salary. Through this, they will know and feel your true appreciation for their efforts.
  6. Read more motivation theory books as a guide. Endless quotes about employee motivation can be read on the Internet. You may even find some good articles about it. But the best physical tool you can have is a good employee motivation theory book.
  7. Apply techniques based on your own experiences. The best motivation quotes are those that come straight from your heart and are products of your own experiences. But if you lack experience, then better have some empathy, instead. Put yourself into your employees' shoes and ask yourself what management can do to make them happy.

Always keep in mind that "happy employees are productive employees." Effective employee motivation will benefit your company a hundred fold and poor motivation will surely be a bad investment.


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