How To Animate a Marketing Presentation

Impress your prospective clients with a lively marketing presentation! It will keep your customers interested and it may just lead to more profit for you. Here's how to animate a marketing presentation.

Step 1

Add zest, but in moderation. Of course, you want your marketing presentation to be captivating and interesting for your audience. But you also don't want to go over the top. Keep your animated marketing presentation from annoying or appalling your clients by moderating the amount of animation you include. Add only a few animations or on-screen clips. Add color and interesting fonts, but ensure that you're still maintaining a professional look and feel for your presentation. (Consider what a client may think of a lively animated clip zooming across the screen that announces a price increase. Not good!) Add animation to your marketing presentation, but keep it appropriate and limited.

Step 2

Add some timed text. It may be hard for the presenter to remember to click on the PowerPoint or Flash presentation every time he wants some animated text to show up. Save your presenter the trouble of having to remember certain parts of an animated presentation by adding timed text. Just make sure that the text is set to enter the screen at the right point in the presenter's speech. (This may require some rehearsal or time tweaking.)

Step 3

Add some pizzazz to your graphs and charts. You can also add animation to graphs and charts. Make important facts and statistics stand out. Highlight rising profits by showing a rising bar in a bar graph. Your audience will love the visual explanation during your marketing presentation.

Step 4

Use animation to explain a process. If part of your marketing presentation requires an explanation of a process, use animation to help teach each step. Have the presenter click to show the first step in the process, and then have him explain it. When he's done the first step, he should be able to click and have the second step of the process show up. It will be easier for the audience to understand the process if they see it visually as one step leading to another (rather than one large graphic all at once.)

Step 5

Add some laughs. Break up complicated parts of a presentation with some humor. Add a funny comic or dancing caricature after a dense part of your marketing presentation. It will allow your clients some laughs and a moment to digest your presentation so far. Plus it will stop them from thinking "my, this presentation is long and boring....".  Break it up with something funny.

Step 6

Rehearse your marketing presentation. If your animated marketing presentation has cute little clips that require perfect timing or ones that will only show up with a click of a mouse, make sure that your or the presenter rehearses the presentation. You don't want your presenter to look just as surprised as the audience when these lively graphics show up. Make sure your presenter is well-rehearsed and familiar with the animated marketing presentation.


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