How To Attract Customers for a Jewelry Business

Your jewelry business is now up and running.  You've done all the initial legwork, filed your papers, and cleared your business with all the pertinent government agencies. Now what you need to do is start attracting customers.  You have to start building up your network of customers and get them to pass the news around.  There are several marketing strategies that you can utilize to promote your jewelry business.  Read through to find out how you can attract customers for your jewelry business.

  • Have an online presence. Nowadays, building a website is one of the strategies that business owners employ.  After you are done putting up the website, start exchanging links with websites that are related to your business.  You can also start networking with owners of jewelry businesses who also have websites. Networking with other websites gives you ideas on how you could improve your website and at the same time, you could also get other connections that will be useful to your business.  Make yourself visible in chat rooms, forums and social media networks.  This will enable you to find people who maybe useful to your business.
  • Launch a media release. A press release written in an appealing way is a good way to inform your community of your new business. Moreover, an advertisement in your local newspaper will get your business noticed especially by those people who are using the community's newspaper in promoting their products. 
  • Offer discounts. You can make offers like special discounts to the fist few people that will make purchases online.  This will promote your website as well as your business.
  • Arrange a jewelry party at your home.  Inform your family and friends and ask them to tell their friends about it to help you get the news to more people.  Give incentives to those people who will attend the party like a voucher they can use on purchasing later in your store or online.  Give special discounts to those who will buy at the party.  For those who couldn't buy during the party, give them a business card and write a note for a percentage discount on their first purchase either online or at your store. 
  • Distribute business cards during the party and make sure that your card has all your contact information.  It would look even more attractive if you can put a picture of one of the jewelries you are selling.  After the party, you can still continue handing out your business cards to people you meet in places you regularly go to.  Briefly introduce yourself and your business to these people before handing them your business card.  This creates an element of recall other than just handing out the cards.
  • You can add freebies like small bracelets to the gift bags you have for those parties.  Again, make sure that you have your business card attached to each of the jewelries you give away.  This way, your business card will be noticed right away, and is also a form of advertisement for their future reference.  For those people with the gift bag, it will be a good idea to give them percentage discounts on their first purchase.

A new business has to be marketed and promoted once it starts operating.  Make sure that you allot an ample amount of your investment on this aspect and you will not regret it once your community discovers your business.


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