How To Bail Someone Out of Jail

Oh this one is a hot topic especially since more than a handful of Hollywood starlets and reality stars have landed in jail for offenses like DUIs, toying with a SCRAM bracelet, drugs, and gun possession. You have seen this so much in the news that jail time for many offenders already seems like a rite of passage more than what it really is – something that can be avoided if people only feel less entitled and more law abiding. Okay, enough preaching already, it’s all good. If you know someone who has gotten intro trouble with the law and needs to be bailed out, here’s how:

  • Contact a lawyer. As provided by law, even offenders have a right to legal representation. Immediately after you get a call from someone you know who wants you to help him get out of the slammer, find out if a lawyer has been assigned to him and get the lawyer’s contact details. If a lawyer has yet to be contacted, ask the person who is in jail the reason for the arrest and google the facts immediately so you can use a defense to get him out of jail ASAP.
  • Make sure you have money for bail. It will cost thousands of dollars to bail someone out. Think a minimum of $50k and you are sure to seethe from within at the amount of money involved for someone’s stupidity.
  • Call the booking rep assigned to the jail. As soon as the booking rep takes your call, make inquiries about the bail process. The booking rep will tell you if you are expected to cough up a cash bond or a cold hard cash to bail someone out.
  • Get the cash bond or cash ready for presentation in the precinct. Once a specific amount has been named, you have to make sure you have it with you on the day that you are instructed to show up and bail someone out of jail. Please be reminded that personal checks won’t get you anywhere with the booking rep. It’s got to be the terms stated or no one gets out on bail.
  • Present yourself to the booking officer. Or if you already have a lawyer with you, bring your lawyer along to see if he can negotiate the terms surrounding the bail money. If all else fails, cough up the money to get it over and done with.
  • Wait for the offender to be released to your custody. His freedom has been bought with a price. You now have the right to slap him silly until you get him home.

There’s another alternative to paying the full amount which might work to your benefit, this is by working with a bail bond agency. Here’s how:

  • Find out the full amount needed for bail. If the cost is astronomical, you will then need to get in touch with a bail bond agency.
  • Get ready for an interview. You must be able to thoroughly convince the agency that the person who will be bailed out will stick to the procedure and process laid out for him by the court. This means going to court dates promptly, on time, and every time. Attending rehab sessions or participating in a court-appointed activity actively.
  • Place a 10% security fee. This is standard bail placement when working with an agency. This 10% makes up part of the full cost for bail.
  • Assure the agency that the offender won’t flee as soon as he is free. If the offender escapes anytime, you will be asked to pay the bail amount in full without delay.

Now all that is left is for the paperwork to be finalized and the offender goes scot-free until his first court date. Douche. Bag.


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