How To Be the Person Others Follow

Great leaders are often hard to find, but it's not impossible to be one. To be the person others follow, you need to possess the charm, capabilities and confidence of a true leader. Here are some tips on how to be the person others follow.

Step 1

Be confident. Others will follow a person who shows great confidence in his abilities as a leader. To be this person, you've got to truly believe that you are capable of doing a great job. Have aggressive expectations of yourself and those around you, letting others know that you are confident in their abilities too. A good leader is one who shows drive and determination and has a clear direction in order to meet goals. Be the person others follow by exuding confidence in everything you do.

Step 2

Remain trustworthy. Employees with follow their leader if they believe that he is a good leader. That is, if you are trustworthy, respectful and professional in all of your interactions, you are more likely to be the person that others follow. As a leader, you are the role model for those who work around you. Show that you are worthy of their respect and devotion by being a trustworthy and approachable boss.

Step 3

Have a strong vision for the future. People will want to follow you if you have a strong vision for the future. If you can see where your company is headed and you can lead others to see the potential too, you'll amass quite a devoted following. Set achievable goals, discuss your aspirations for the company, and speak positively about the potential successes of your company. This kind of attitude is what will lead you to be the person others follow.

Step 4

Inspire others to achieve greatness. See the future potential in yourself and your employees too. Set a good example by always improving upon your leadership abilities. Take training sessions, upgrade your education and bring in inspirational speakers. By continually improving yourself, those who follow you will want to do the same. Offer frequent opportunities for growth, both personal and professional, for yourself and others. Invest in the future of your company and see the potential for success in everyone. Success is an appealing goal for many, and will lead others to want to follow you.

Step 5

Acknowledge and appreciate hard work. As a leader, others are working to impress you. Feed into their desire for appreciation by acknowledging the efforts and accomplishments of your staff, big or small. A small token of appreciation or even verbal mention at a staff meeting goes a long way with your adoring staff. Continue to be the person people follow by showing your gratitude for their hard work and dedication to the company. Your positive and giving attitude will keep people happy with your leadership skills and devoted to following you for years to come.


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