How To Bid for Demolition Work

In bidding, expect intense competition and challenge as part of the process. What you are bidding for is not just whoever can do the job, it’s about who can do it with the best quality and with the lowest possible cost. Below are some bidding guidelines and some tips on bidding for demolition work.

  • Get the necessary information. You must be well informed about the product, people, structure, and organization of the companies you are going to bid for. You should also know the strengths and weaknesses of the companies, their marketing strategy, and the price list. Don’t forget to check out special discounts as well.
  • Get the best staff.  Among all the people in your company, you should choose those whom you know from personal experience as having the professionalism to do the job well. Go for people who are efficient and reliable when it comes to work. Keep in mind that you are building up and selling your team, so you should ensure that you have the best people for the job. Pick each member who can contribute qualities that will enhance the capability and marketability of your group. Having strong team give you the competitive edge over your competitors by having the right mix of manpower to do a job better compared to anyone else.
  • Draft an appealing proposal.  Do not forget to include each and every demolition work you’ve had experience with in your proposal. It should also include information about the financial status of your company, including assets and liabilities, your staff and their experiences, and an overview of your company. Summarize all the arguments, backed by factual information, why your company is the best contractor for the job. Creating a proposal can sometimes be challenging especially if you’re not good at writing, editing, and grammar. It is advisable to employ someone specifically who will do this for you, since the quality of your proposal will primarily determine your success in the bidding process. You also can ask for some help from a colleague or a family member whose line of specialty falls under those written above, if you can’t afford to hire someone for that specific job.
  • Study the guidelines for the submission of requirements. These usually vary depending on the contracting agency or person. It is very important that you fulfill each requirement carefully and follow the correct procedure. Take time to read the request, so you will not miss out on important details.
  • Know how to verbally sell yourself and your company. Believe that that your company is qualified for the particular job and have confidence in your ability to fulfill the job to the contracting party. However, do not be overconfident. Avoid bragging about achievements your company has, and claiming being the best, especially if you have no proof to back it up. Learn how to be subtle but confident.

The most important thing to do is to show you company’s eagerness to undertake the project. Over and above good proposals, acquiring trust is the key in bagging any deal. Find ways to acquire the trust of the contracting agency using not only your achievements and abilities but also your social and negotiation skills.


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