How To Buy a Concrete Mixer

Engaging in construction business is tough if you don’t have the proper machinery and equipment. A concrete mixer is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment necessary in any construction company. This device handles the bulk of construction work as it produces the needed concrete by mixing cement, gravel, sand and water. If this procedure of forming concrete is done manually, it will take a long time to complete a single structure, hence buying a concrete mixer is the best thing to do.

To buy a concrete mixer, be guided by the following tips:

  1. Settle on the kind of concrete mixer you need. As you make your decision, take into consideration the purpose of your purchase. What kind of structure are you going to need concrete for? How much concrete do you need to produce for the building?
  2. Pick a smaller but compact concrete mixer if you only have a small requirement for concrete mix. You may not really be in the construction business but you plan to build your house on your own. If this is the case, then a portable model is best for you because it is easy and light to handle and move around and you can store it in your yard without occupying a lot of space. On the other hand, if you are into a bigger construction job, an industrial type of concrete mixer is the right choice. Huge concrete mixers are carried around on trucks and transported to the place of construction. They can produce large amounts of concrete, making the job of construction workers faster and easier.
  3. Concrete mixers are powered either by electricity or hand pump. Construction companies usually opt for the electrically operated mixers for a more powerful performance. Decide on which type you require.
  4. Get ideas on what is the best concrete mixer in the market by talking to people in the construction field. A civil engineer is the best source of information here because he is the one who knows the capacity of concrete mixers as well as he can gauge the amount of concrete needed in a construction job.
  5. Search on eBay about second hand concrete mixers that are up for sale on said site. Concrete mixers are durable equipment and can last for many years. Buying a used unit therefore is a swell idea as it can save you a lot of money.
  6. Go to the dealer personally and view the concrete mixers being sold. If you are looking for a portable one, you can find units on display at your local hardware or construction supply stores. But for industrial concrete mixers, you may visit factories that manufacture this equipment.
  7. You can do your canvassing also online.,, and are some of the sites you can go to if you want to see various models of concrete mixers. Included in these sites are the prices of each model, hence enabling you to compare and contrast the value of your prospective concrete mixer.

Buying a concrete mixer is a major investment. As with other consumer products, concrete mixer models are either superior or inferior in quality. So to get the best out of your money, be careful in buying one.  


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