How To Buy a Credit Card Terminal

Investing in a credit card terminal will open a lot of opportunities for the business. Since people usually carry this plastic in their wallets every day, your business can encourage more customers if you will accept payments through credit cards. However, the fact that a credit card terminal is not a simple investment makes it important for you to be careful when buying one.

It is true that a credit card terminal will not cost you a lot of money. However, it is still important that you get the right one so that you can get the most benefits out of it. For so you know, the credit card terminal you invest on can bring you more or less money depending on your choices. To find out how you can successfully buy a terminal, check out these simple buying tips you must consider:

  • Determine your need. Before you shop for a credit card terminal, identify whether you need one or not. If you are taking a good number of credit card transactions for your business, there is no question that you need one.
  • Learn about the different kinds of terminals. You have three options when it comes to credit card terminals. The first one is the traditional terminal. This includes a keypad, magnetic stripe reader, and a display. It has either a built in or separate printer unit. The second option is a wireless terminal. This is perfect for businesses that are not in a fixed location. The last one is the virtual terminal. This is a computer program that is only provided by a merchant account provider and will help you accept credit card payments over the Internet or the phone. With these choices, check out which one will best suit your business so you can be certain that it will work best for your advantage.
  • Determine other features needed. Some credit card terminals can accept debit cards as well. Hence, if you find this kind of need for your business, buy a terminal that offers this kind of feature. Other features of credit card terminals that you can consider are address verification system, gift card issuance, and the like.
  • Be strict when it comes to device reliability. Since this is an electronic gadget, go for models and brands that guarantee you the terminal's efficiency and reliability. One of the best ways to do this is through checking for warranty policies.
  • Consider your budget. Though the credit card terminal is a device that must not be invested on cheaply, there are still several choices of terminals varying in prices. The usual price of terminals today ranges from $150 to $300. For terminals that have printers, the prices range from $200 to $600.
  • Buy the terminal of your choice. You have the option to buy the credit card terminal from a merchant account provider, separate vendor, or online. Keep in mind that purchasing the terminal from your own provider will simplify the purchasing process. However, practice extreme caution when shopping online.

Even if the credit card terminal does not cost too much money for your business, it is still not an excuse to shop wisely for it. After all, a terminal can open a lot of business opportunities that will change the course of your business for sure.


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