How To Buy a Fax Machine for an Office

Some office equipment and gadgets that were commonly used so many years ago have now become obsolete. They are so old that they can rarely be seen in an office anymore.

The cellular phones paved a new way for communication, kicking the electronic pager out of the telecommunication scene. The use of the handy typewriter (both electric and manual) is now not as popular anymore, as computers are now being used in every office department.

Despite the changes in happening inside offices around the world today, the definite equipment that seems to be immortal is the fax machine. The fax machine persists, even though there is an increase in the usage of emails in sending a message. But, of course, today’s fax machines are now upgraded and made even better. So, if you are planning to buy a new one, then this article is right for you. Here are tips on how to buy a fax machine for your office.

  • Consider first your budget when buying equipment. There are machines that are quite expensive though they provide better quality, but if you can’t afford them, then better find another one.
  • First, you should know what the use of the fax machine is in your office. A fax machine that can photocopy, print, and scan at the same time is much better. You will spend less money in buying other equipment. It also makes you save up on office space.
  • Find out the type of machine that suits you. There are some fax machines that use film cartridges or dry toner cartridges, but it is better to buy ink-jet fax machines because it prints better. Though, it is costly to buy this type of machine.
  • The machine that you are going to buy should print 64 shades of gray for receiving and copying texts and images. Colored fax machines are also in the market but can be quite expensive.
  • Visit from one shop to the other. Widen your options in finding the best fax machine there is. Find out the speed and other features that can be affordable to you.
  • Try visiting online shops. Some websites provide you guides on which brand and model of fax machine is the best. Surf the Net so that you can have a wide variety to choose from.
  • Check out if the model is easy to use. It’s very tiring if you keep on teaching your employees or co-workers how to use the fax machine. Easy to use machines save time and energy.

Some people tend to go for cheaper machines, but it may even be costly to you if that machine turns out to be not of very good quality and easily bogs down. The low priced models usually provide 3-month warranties, but most fax machines offer a one-year warranty. So, better consider the warranties when buying a machine, too. Be sure to allocate budget for other supplies that go along with fax machines such as paper and ink or toner. Though fax machines usually have phones attached, it is also better to have a dedicated phone line if ever you are going to use your fax machine primarily for sending and receiving fax message


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