How To Buy a Used Hot Dog Cart

Starting your own business can be done inexpensively with a used hot dog cart. Though simple, the hot dag cart has a very high profit yield, especially if you know where and when to sell. By buying your hot dogs in bulk, each hot-dog you sell can give you a profit of up to $ 3 – and that’s just for the basic hot dog! Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing a used hot dog cart

  1. Health inspection. Because you will be starting a food business, you will need to get the necessary permit to operate the hot dog cart. The starting point for acquiring your permit is the health permit which can be had by getting your cart inspected by the health department. These inspections are free of charge. Simply set up a schedule for the health inspectors to visit and inspect the cart.
  2. Cooking equipment. Next, determine the types of cooking equipment that you will need for the hot dog cart. Be sure that you have a gas tank, a burner, and the hot dog stands and heaters needed to cook and keep the products warm. As much as possible, the set up should be enclosed in glass, so that dirt will be kept away from the hot dog, while allowing people to see and smell the food that you are cooking. The scent of delicious hot dogs is a great form of advertisement for your hot dog stand.
  3. Location. Where you will position the hot dog cart is equally important. Be sure that you are parked in a street where there is plenty of foot traffic. Apart from foot traffic, consider the quality of people passing by your hot dog cart. Parks are usually better than business district streets although the latter have higher foot traffic. This is because people who do not have time to pause and purchase your products will not necessarily increase your profits. You can also scout your area for the various hours when certain locations are jam packed with people. During lunch time and after office hours you can place your cart near the business district, while parking it in the park in between these hours.
  4. Products. You should also have an array of other products for your hot dog cart. There are chips that you can sell, and even tacos. The size of the cart will determine how many other items you can sell along with the hot dogs. For instance, you can also sell comics, newspapers, and other items. Make sure that your products are displayed properly in the hot dog cart’s front, and away from the oil splatters from the food that you are cooking.

Finally, keep in mind that your hot dog cart should be portable enough for you to cart off back home after work hours. Some carts are heavier than others. What is important is that the cart can be moved by a single person – you. Some carts are attached to motorcycles, which will make it easier for you to move it. 


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