How To Buy Car Wash Machines

So you want to start your own car wash? What a brilliant idea! Seriously, it’s one business that is easy to run and maintain. If kids can do it, so can you! Later, you can expand your car wash to include a snack bar or coffee hut where people can converge, socialize, and work on their laptops while waiting for their car to get done washing! If you’re creative enough, you can even add a gym in there! But before all these exciting ideas, you need to have machines, right?

Here’s how to buy car wash machines:

  • Scope the land. Yes, where will you put your machines if you don’t have the land to place it on? Buy a piece of real estate that is on a busy location for your business to thrive.
  • Determine the cost. You can rent or buy these machines outright depending on how much you have right now financially. Be prepared to invest an initial outlay of $5,000 to $10,000 dollars on the machines.
  • Choose the best. Car wash machine should be eco-friendly that’s why it’s important to go for “green” brand like D&S Car Wash Systems. This company offers a full line of car wash systems from the startup to the more advanced setups for the kind of car wash business that you have in mind.
  • Make a list of what you need. Here’s what should make your list:
    • All-in-one car wash system that includes pre-soak, tire and engine cleaning, soap, foam brush, rinse, and wax.
    • Features such as stainless steel fabrication, industry-tested pumps, 5 horsepower motors, cold water rinse, and weep plumbing.
    • Package should include coin meter, bay manifolds, dual booms, trigger pumps, wand holders, trigger guns, foaming brushes, and bay signs to separate each washing bay.
  • Don’t stop at one supplier. At this point, what you are trying to achieve is best price and best deals. Since you are just beginning in the business, this is a very smart strategy that can eventually become lucrative as you go along. As mentioned D&S Car Systems is one of the best in this business but consider other brands that might want to make a bid for a share in your business. There’s Autec and Oasis to look into.
  • Find out if there are car washes that are selling machines. In your area, there might be car washes that are closing down to move to a bigger town or expanding to bigger and more advanced car wash systems. Take this as an opportunity to make a play for their machines. You can buy these cheaper. Schedule an onsite visit to check the condition of the machines before paying for these. If there’s nothing in your location, you can go online and check out Car Wash Consignment – a company that acts as a middleman for car wash machines.
  • Order your machines. Follow the procedure for purchasing and place your order. Read the selling agreement and don’t skip the fine print. Pay for the machines and wait for these to be delivered.
  • Ask for continuing support and training. This condition should be part of the warranty agreement from the supplier. You can’t determine for sure if the machines will run smoothly unless you try these out long and hard day in and day out. You will need the support and training needed for trouble-shooting and maintenance. By the way, these should be at no cost to you.

When everything is installed and you are ready to do business, all that’s left is promoting your location so people will come over.


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