How To Buy Tattoo Start Up Equipment

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The art of tattooing has gained much more mainstream appeal in the past decade or so. What once was a taboo and had negative connotations is now accepted and contemporary. It is also a great way to express art and skill.

If you are a tattoo enthusiast who wants to buy tattoo equipment either for business or personal use you must understand that there are certain health and certification requirements you must meet before you are cleared to buy the equipment and that practicing tattoo art in some states is illegal without a license.  However, once you have gotten the necessary paperwork, buying tattoo start up equipment is easy as long as you know where to get them.  Whether you want tattoo equipment for personal use or to open a tattoo parlor, it is always best to do business with reputable dealers.

  • Make a checklist. To make sure you don’t waste your time or the supplier’s time, make a checklist of the things you’ll need. Having a checklist of the equipment you intend to purchase not only saves you time but it also gives the impression to the suppliers that you’re a fellow professional and knows what they’re doing.
  • Prioritize your equipment. Purchasing tattoo equipment is not cheap and depending on what you intend to use them for; you may need to prioritize the items you want to get first. Normally autoclaves, needles, inks, spray bottles and sanitation equipment take the priority.
  • Figure out what kind of tattoo gun you need. The kind of tattoo gun you want to get depends on your level of skill and proficiency. Do you want to use a gun made of copper, brass or iron? Do you want separate lining and shading guns?
  • It’s highly recommended that you do a bit of research online or among tattoo professionals before you decide what kind of gun to get. You can also compare prices while you’re doing your research.
  • Pull out the paperwork. Licensed and reputable suppliers will never sell to unlicensed artists. Your health and/or business certificates will be inspected to make sure you’re above board. Never deal with suppliers who do not ask for your paperwork.

All the information you need is readily available online it is always best that you come with as much knowledge as you can so you can make an informed choice when it comes to picking out your tattoo equipment. You can refer to sites like below and for more tips on buying tattoo equipment

Tattoos are works of art produced by artists and their instruments. An artist that invests in his instruments makes beautiful art so you want to make sure that you get good quality equipment right from the start so you can hone your craft.

Bear in mind that buying tattoo equipment is an investment. You have to figure out what the best ones are out there and which are best suited to your level of expertise. With the right tattoo equipment in hand and your passion for creating beautiful skin art the investment you make on your equipment will pay dividends to you both monetarily and aesthetically.


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