How To Calculate Postage Rates without a Postage Scale

There is no reason to buy a postage scale if you won't use it very often. Only those who own online businesses or businesses requiring usual shipping will find postage scales very advantageous. For regular individuals, calculating the postage rate is possible even without the postage scale. How? Follow the tips and steps below:

  • Learn how your local delivery company computes postage rate. Every company has different policies when computing postage rates. It's best that you familiarize how the postal company is computing the rate by visiting their website and use their computation method when calculating the postage rates.
  • Take the weight and dimension. Deliveries are usually charged based on how heavy and how big they are. To take the weight, put the delivery on your regular kitchen scale. Calibrate it first so the needle will start on zero. This way, you can get the most accurate measurement. After placing the thing on the weighting scale wait for the needle to stop moving. Don't just take the whole number but also the points. Calculate the thing based on the given rate by the postal company. To get the dimension, use a measuring tape or tailor's tape to get the height, width, and length of the thing. Do this only for packages that cannot be considered for envelopes. This applies to bigger packages that should be placed in a box. Select the proper category for the delivery if this cannot be considered in the envelope or as a package. Check the company's website to choose the most accurate category for the delivery.
  • Use the postal company's online calculator. Most companies today with online presence have online calculators. Use that to calculate the postal fee. The weight and dimension is not the only factors they consider when giving you the rate. The price, condition, kind, and destination are important considerations also. It's best to visit the company's website and do the calculation there. Provide all the data and the rough estimate will be shown.
  • Call the company. If the postal company does not have a website, the easiest way to reach them is by a telephone call. Describe to them your package and they can give you the exact calculation for the postage. This step should be easy especially after you have taken all the necessary measurements.

By now, you already have an estimate of how much you have to pay for the postage. There are still some ways to lower down what you have to pay like packaging the things in smaller boxes, plastics, or bag. Tell them the item is not for sale or if it's for personal use.

Declaring the item's value lesser than what it really is will lower the postage rate, too. However, that might lessen the insurance value of the thing. When anything bad happens, your postage will only be insured up to how much you have declared. Better tell the truth or risk the consequences. The price difference is not that big, anyway.

The more you send items through the postal company, the more you will familiarize how they compute the postage rate. And if you are a repeat customer, companies usually give discounts for you. Never hesitate to ask for discounts if you will frequently send items through their service.


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