How To Charter Aircraft for Your Corporate Needs

Just as businesses are getting more complex and fast-paced nowadays, so are the work and working hours of business executives. Time is always pressed in getting from one meeting to another and from one event to another. For years, companies have relied on company cars, and company initiated car benefits to employees to take care of transportation of business-related activities. Charter aircraft are no longer a personal luxury, but a corporate need as well. Charter services ensure time is maximized, define the level of prestige of your company and its executives, and offer better security and privacy compared to traveling with the public.

While of course you should be financially capable, more and more companies are considering private executive aircraft as an option, and more and more companies are catering to deliver this service.

Read below on how to find out information and other things you should consider before closing in on that deal. First and foremost, your decision to charter an aircraft for your company needs should be because you know that a considerable amount of time and money (e.g. hotel costs, per diem, executive time) will be saved with this option for that specific activity.

  1. In the US, most private aircraft of charter companies can travel to any state. The charter company will just have to check the runway specifications at your destination. Aircraft require specific lengths for a runway, and weather conditions also affect this need.
  2. Charter companies are secured. Your personal and travel information is limited to their company. Personal, luggage, and security checks are always done at your port of departure and destination.
  3. Most companies boast of their aircraft, as these companies can afford newer aircraft with considerably low flying time compared to commercial public flights.
  4. You can also arrange for your own snack and beverage, if you want to avoid the typical ‘dread of airline food'.
  5. Most companies would accommodate a change in the schedule of your flight even after booking. Since your schedule is the primary consideration when chartering, charter companies can be flexible with your schedule options.
  6. Some charter companies do not have their own aircraft. They are considered brokers for other aircraft operators. This also works for you, as they can get more than one price comparison for your travel. This means they also have a wider choice of private aircraft to suit your needs (charter helicopters, choice of aircraft engines, or Gulf Stream charter use).

In all management decisions relating to business, it is important that you consider everything, particularly the financial impact of your Charter aircraft decisions.

And just like all other company resources, all activities should be done in a legitimate way to guarantee safety and security.


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