How To Choose a CD Replication Company

If you want copies of your data CDs reproduced in large quantities of 500 units or more than you will have to find a CD replication company that can handle these large volumes. CD replication helps to ensure that your master data will be reproduced with the same quality onto the individual CDs. Since you're submitting your data for others to see or experience, then you want your data to be handled with the best possible care, and produced with the highest quality.

  1. Check the replicating company's offers. Find out what services the company offers its clients. They may provide you with everything you need to get your data replicated from mastering to final product. Some companies will offer to master your data, or others will provide you with an artist to help create your designs for the packaging.
  2. Find out the company's capacity to replicate. Some replicating companies may agree to take in your project of hundreds or thousands of units but will subcontract them to other companies. It's always good to work with one company, but to find out later on that your project will be distributed to other companies will make you wonder if you will still get the same high quality that was agreed upon. Although you may not notice any difference if two other companies produce the final volume, it will just assure you that the same quality and consistency will be applied for the whole project. 
  3. Compare services and prices. Talk to a couple of CD replication companies and gather as much information about their service and prices as you can. After looking at a few you can start to compare the information and find the best service for the right price. Some of these companies may be found directly within your city or you may have to seek them in other cities. You can also scan for these services online, which will make it easier for you to look at several different companies and make a list of the possible choices before making a physical visit.
  4. Check policies and guarantees. You may be asking the company to replicate original music or something that you originally made, so you will want that company to have a solid policy that will assure you that your work will be secure and that none of the data that the company receives should not be released to anyone else that could compromise the sale or distribution of your project. Make sure they have a guarantee that will provide a solution for final products that fell short of your expectations or what was agreed upon.

Finding and choosing a reliable CD replication company will be hard work but finding one that can meet all of your requirements from beginning to end will help you achieve a consistent quality for the final product.


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