How To Choose an Executive Resume Service

In your quest for the big dollars that come with landing your dream executive position, comes the need for a top notch executive resume service. Why? Though you may be extremely good at what you do, you may not be so good at writing your own resume. This is more common than you think and even the most elite individuals have sought out the help of an executive resume service and found great success once they did.  

There are so many executive resume services these days that a simple online search of the words "executive resume services" will yield you tens of thousands of returns. So how do you separate the good from the bad? Choosing an executive resume service involves many factors, a few of which include the following. 

Step 1

Quality of samples: First of all make sure that they have samples for you to view. That's right, some executive resume services will not offer any samples and those should be avoided like the plague. Find executive resumes services that do have samples, and plenty of them, and take the time to look at several. Chances are that if you find their samples are lacking in content and the wow factor, that yours will as well.

Step 2

Willingness to communicate: A good executive resume service will want to talk to you. This "interview" will ensure that the writer has a firm grasp on the most important factor of your resume, you. Many executive resume services will simply try to get you to fill out a questionnaire but this will not have the writer of that resume get to know you. You will become nothing more than a pile of stats and the outcome can suffer greatly. A quality executive resume service will insist on you both filling out a questionnaire and speaking to a writer.

Step 3

Confidence of work – Guarantee: Make sure that the executive resume service you decide to go with has the confidence to back up their work. A good executive resume service will offer to revise your resume free of charge should the results you receive be less than adequate.

Step 4

Prices: Yes, the base price is very important in choosing an executive resume service, but don't forget about the hidden extras. Some executive resume services will charge a lower base rate than most simply to lure you in. Then out of the blue, wham, you are hit with a multitude of hidden charges that you just assumed were included. Never assume! Always take the time to ask what the base price includes and what other extra charges there might be. This will avoid sticker shock and possibly save you money in the long run.

When going after the high paying job you desire, you owe it to yourself to have the best representation of yourself through your resume. Finding a high quality executive resume service is imperative to ensure that the representation is the best it can be. Knowing what you do and don't want in an executive resume service will not only save you time and money, but it could also mean hearing those two magic words that you long to hear, "You're hired."

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