How To Choose Office Partitions - Workplace Dividers

Prefabricated office partitions are the in thing in offices today. This is a cost-efficient way to provide employees with some privacy and defining personal spaces without the need to renovate the whole office. Office partitions come in different forms, colors, sizes and materials. With the wide variety of choices you will be able to find one that will suit the needs of your employees and provide elegance and function to your office. Here are some tips on how to choose office partitions.

  • Take a look at the displays in office furniture and furnishing showrooms. You will be able to view an ideal office setting using any of their available office partitions. Ask for product brochures where you can see how to best use a particular type of office partitions, the colors and styles available, the materials used in the manufacture of the partitions and how to install them.
  • Seek the help of an interior decorator or an office partition sales representative on how best to subdivide and rearrange your office. The objective is to provide adequate work spaces for your staff and give them some form of privacy so that they will not be distracted by other staff members.
  • Check office partition suppliers online to view different products and designs. You can take a look at the products for the office at the SpacePlus site. OfficeMax, LC Partitions, Clone Cubicles, Cubicle Dividers are some of the office cubicle supplier sites that you can visit. Ask if you can visit their showrooms to take a look at the office partitions they carry.
  • Decide on the budget you will need to purchase the office partitions. The price range varies depending on the materials the make up the partitions. Some have wooden frames with steel stands. Others have flexiglass and different cloth covering. Carefully weigh the features of different brands and styles. Some partitions can cost several hundred to over a thousand dollars while there are low and mid priced ones that will still serve the purpose. Most of the expensive ones are priced more for their aesthetic appeal.
  • Decide on the material of the office partitions that you will choose. Easy maintenance is one of the features that should be considered. You should also look into the ease if installation and the sturdiness of the partitions. You should also decide on the color scheme, the design and the height of the office partitions. The color and design should fit the interior of your office. You should also consider the functionality of the partitions. Some have shelves attached to one side of the partition. Check the durability of the cover material as most employees use an office partition as a bulletin board where they can pin notes, memos and other paraphernalia.
  • Get in touch with some office partition distributors whose product lines suit your needs. Make sure that you also consult your employees on the design and style of the partitions as they will be the ones who will be using these. Ask for brochures and quotations. Check if their service extends to delivery and installation. There are some partitions that are easy to install and there are some that needs to be installed by installers from the distributors. Check if this is a free service.

Always check the fine print and the service terms for office partitions. Ensure that maintenance of the partitions will not require special products. Always compare prices first before making the final decision and make sure that the office partition that you choose is within your budget and will satisfy your requirements. 


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