How To Commend Employees - 50 Different Ways that Work

Getting into the hearts of the employees is one thing that a boss should master. People are aware of the fact that a happy employee is always more productive. To add to this, the success and downfall of whatever you are doing will depend on the people who work for you. You may be having a bad day at home. Troubled or confused about a certain thing. Even though you are in a pothole of emotions, you owe your employees certain appreciation for a job well done.

Here are 50 few quick and effective ways to say to commend your employees:

  • “Great Work!”
  • “Your work is very much appreciated.”
  • “I can see that your attendance is very  consistent.”
  • “Feedback from your colleagues say you have been helping them around.”
  • “I appreciate you take my feedback with a positive attitude.”
  • “I see you are very  interested to learn.”
  • “You show a great stand for your beliefs.”
  • “I can see that you are very  concerned regarding your customers.”
  • “I see the potential of being a great team player in you.”
  • “Your inter-personal skills are well sharpened.”
  • “Your customers needs are well attended to.”
  • “I see the drive that you have to excel in your clients expectations.”
  • “You give great regard to customers’ proceedings.”
  • “Your inputs and knowledge is vital to the success of your unit.”
  • “Your pleasing personality will get you places.”
  • “I see how you value the ideas of others.”
  • “I appreciate the fact that you show  empathy towards your co-workers.”
  • “You have good delegations skills.”
  • “Your are very polite.”
  • “I see you are very pro-active.”
  • “I see how you can quickly adapt to changes.”
  • “Your analytical ability is very  appreciated.”
  • “I see how you can communicate precisely and with  accuracy.”
  • “I appreciate that you do not make  excuses.”
  • “You are without a doubt very resourceful.”
  • “You know how to get your way into finding alternative solutions.”
  • “I see how you seek to maintain quality.”
  • “I see how you can manage to do things right even if it’s your first time.”
  • “You have tremendous multi-tasking skills.”
  • “I see how you thrive when it comes to challenging tasks.”
  • “I see you never say “NO” when asked to do something beyond your responsibility.”
  • “I can see how you are committed when it comes to your work.”
  • “I can see a self-driven person in you.”
  • “There is no task to hard when it comes to you.”
  • “I appreciate you embody the policy of “service with a smile.”
  • “You seem to be very open to new inputs.”
  • “Your positive attitude is highly contagious.”
  • “You are always on time.”
  • “I appreciate you working on things without the need for  guidance.”
  • “I can see how you carry  functional knowledge.”
  • “You always know how to pay attention to details.”
  • “I see how diligent you work.”
  • “I how keen you are when it comes to implementing instructions well.”
  • “It is never hard to give you instructions.”
  • “”You are always organized.”
  • “I see how you can be a great example when it comes to your work ethics.”
  • “You are always enthusiastic when it comes to finding solutions to different work issues.”
  • “You have a great drive to work.”
  • “Thumbs up!”

Although words may be enough, a tap on the shoulder can also do the trick.



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