How To Compare Snow Removal Services and Pricing

Snow plower

In areas where heavy snow accumulates, snow removal services are needed to remove snow and ice on driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, walkways and roads for safe travel after a snowstorm. The snow may be blown to another area using snow blowers or pushed and relocated by plowing. Contractors may apply sand or salt in some areas to melt the ice that has accumulated.

Snow removal services are available during the snow season and include snow plowing, shoveling, hauling, and clearing of sidewalks and driveways, maintenance as well as salting, sanding, deck handwork, removal of ice, and occasionally roof clearing. State of the art equipment like snowplows, snow blowers or snow throwers, truck plows, lightweight tractors, and heavy front-end loaders, pushers, and skid steers, are used with other tools like snow shovels, snow blades, and snow rakes to clear the snow.  

Contractors usually work on a full season contract, per push or per-time basis, or on a will-call status. Full season contracts are quoted and paid for once the season starts and the services are automatically provided depending on the terms agreed in the contract. Some full season contracts can include an unlimited number of trips for services or the contract can expire after a specific number of trips have been completed. For per-time services, the client is usually sent a monthly invoice and is only charged for services provided. Some contracts may include charges per-time or per-inch if snow depth is part of the pricing. For those requiring only one-time jobs like snow removal or clearing only, a will-call service is also available. Charges for this service are usually higher. You may get discounts if you are a regular customer.

There are services available 24 hours a day to help you relocate or remove the snow from your location. Make sure the contractor you hire is licensed and insured. It is important that you look for the most reliable and competitive price before getting into a contract for snow removal services.

Before contracting services, compare the pricing structure and terms of the contract for snow removal services including the:

  1. Rate per hour for snow services included like snow plowing, shoveling or sanding costs per cubic yard.
  2. Kind of equipment to be used.
  3. Number of trips or load.
  4. Target completion time.
  5. Other services included in the contract like sanding or salting.
  6. Additional charges like the cost of sand mixed with salt.

Snow removal contractors may require the installation of snow staking or snow poles along the driveway to keep the equipment used out of your landscaping and to identify the property's perimeter.

For those living in areas that have long winters, large amount of snowfall and with huge driveways, hiring contractors that offer snow removal services is your best option. The labor intensive job of snow plowing and snow shoveling making use of snow plows, snow blades, and snow rakes, can be done making use of equipment like snow throwers and snow blowers at a competitive cost and at a faster time. Now you know how to compare snow services and prices.


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