How To Coordinate a Summer Vacation Schedule for Employees

Most employees want to take their vacations in the summer months of June, July and August.  However, the business needs may not be met if too many of them are off at the same time.  This is when it is important to have a good vacation schedule that is coordinated.  An employee planner should be posted for all employees to see, and it should be prepared by an efficient staff planner.  Vacation management is at its most difficult time during the summer months.  Here's how to plan a vacation program very carefully.

To really coordinate a summer vacation schedule for employees, one way would be to tell the employees when they are hired, that only a certain number of the staff can be off during the summer months.  It would be a good idea to plan a vacation program that limits the number of vacations that can be taken during the summer.  Depending on the size of the office or company, the staff planner can set up the vacation management by figuring out a percentage of the employees that can be gone at one time.  Also, depending on the type of business that is being run, the employee planner for vacations also depend on how busy the company or office is during the summer months.  It would also be smart if the rules said that they employee needs to give two or three weeks notice if they want to be off.  This way the vacation management would be more organized and prepared.  If the summer is a slow time, the staff planner could allow more employees to be off at the same time.

However, if the summer is a busy time, the vacation schedule should be set to allow just a few employees to be off.  A lot of companies go by seniority and let the employees with the most time in the company take a summer vacation.  Also, the staff planner could allow just a few numbers of employees to be off every other week during the summer.  This way, more employees get to be off during this time of year.

If there are still employees who are left without a summer vacation, the vacation schedule for employees could offer them a day or two to take off during this time.  If the business allows, some people could be hired as temporary employees looking to take a vacation job.

Also, the employees who are left can be given incentives or bonuses to keep them happy while working during the summer.  Perhaps if this is offered, no one would want to be off during the summer months.

Coordinating a summer vacation schedule for employees shouldn't be too difficult.  It just takes some thinking and common sense.


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